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Friday, October 30, 2009

Statement of AWO/FIO

Is not in an Old Book Copied on a New Paper.

Humans in the course of their history have observed multiple forms of social, economic and political ups and downs that symbolize failures. Oromo nation as an integral part of this human history have gone through many downturns induced by either internal or external forces. Ancient and modern records equally witness that foreign elements can easily be controlled than infiltrators that serve the purpose of an enemy. The failure of the society to weed those insiders out is the beginning of a total doom. As once John F. Kennedy said “mistakes remain a mistake only if people fail to correct it”. In Oromo struggle, repeated mistakes have been committed, and Oromo leaders as well as the public failed to learn from yesterday as we live to see it today. Front for independence of Oromia (FIO/’AWO’) would like to make it clear to the entire Oromo nation in general and its supporters all over the world in particular that Obbo Aman Kadir Kamsare obbo Hussein Bati and Obbo Sura Abduljalil Kimo as of today, are no longer the leaders of our vigilant Organization.

FIO’s prime duty is to carry on the order of the day which is the struggle for independence of our country and liberation of Oromo nation. We are committed to healing process among the Oromo nationalists and various political organizations. Our people need true leaders who are fearless, courageous, visionary, selfless, careful in their deliberations, and actions. The members and genuine leaders of FIO look forward to the front-runners who can play the role of acceleration of history and not regression. The multitude of challenges our nation is currently facing made it imperative that leaders of our national struggle against occupation must be industrious, and creative to find an exit from set backs and down turns. Such leaders are true sons and daughters of their nation that can build strong power-winch that pulls our nation out of national embarrassments’ quagmire. These types of leaders deserve acquiescence of their people. To the contrary, those fond of their own pursuit of passion are what Oromo call “Raada eegee oofii nyaattu” which literally means self distracting persons or in words of Mao Tse Tung “The shadow that should be suspected at all times”

FIO is sincerely thankful to Obbo Aman Kamsare,Hussein Bati, and Obbo Sura Kimo for the service they rendered to our beloved organization. Nonetheless; they adamantly were ignoring the quest and critics of the members of FIO persistently for over a year and half period. They were acting irresponsibly beyond the power vested in them with out authorization and endorsement of the members. Their unilateral decision is against the adopted constitution of our organization. Hence, the members and remaining leaders are compelled to take this final verdict of expelling Obbo Aman Kamsare,Hussein Bati, and Obbo Sura Kimo from all forms of duties and responsibilities of FIO they were entrusted to, based on their own action. As of today, they don’t represent our organization at any capacity. However, we regret their willful choice of departure from our organization.

The presence of Obbo Aman, obbo Hussein, and Obbo Sura in the process of the said unity underway Minneapolis (MN) since October 27, 2009 shall not constitute the participation of FIO in any reckoning what so ever the case is. This can signify merely their personal will exercise and is not that of our organization. We are making it public that they are not representing the organization but themselves.

We believe Unity is not an event but a process that has to follow a customary manner of procedures on its route. Unity is a process that requires a continuous and usually bottom-up broad based participation of every stake holders at each level of organization. This action supersedes the decision of few individuals or interest groups on behalf of the mass, just a synonymous act of the tyrant regime we are fighting against. FIO staunchly support strong unity of purpose among Oromo people and its political organization that wouldn’t break at every turn of events or challenges.

It is a concrete fact that order does not come from disorder, order always come from order. Likewise, the unity built on shallow foundation sooner or later is prone demise. Such unity won’t do the Oromo people any benefit, rather wide open a ravine for our enemies to easily infiltrate and inflict irrecoverable harm on our national interest. Therefore; the members and leaders of FIO equivocally differ to current attempts of unity since we believe it has missed the bridge that takes us to a true unity among like thinking and like acting forces.

Front for Independence of Oromia as a young nationalist Organization committed to the best interest of Oromo nation has defined its goal to fight against aggressors that use the national cause for their egos and self-serving interest. FIO herewith renews its promise in defending the national interest of Oromo people and mobilize all its resources to this end. The members, supporters and leader of FIO vehemently denounce any deliberate act of appropriating our nations cause for personal benefit as well as systematic division mechanisms implanted thereby. FIO once again reassure our nation that we are bound to take the cause of our nation to the peak of the mountains no matter how tough the challenges ahead may be. We call up on the whole Oromo nation to remain standing shoulder to shoulder with all Oromo nationalists regardless of creed, region or kinship affinity.

Men fail because of their mistakes or due to action of others; society continues its stride forward each minute riding with time. Above all, a nation that set its goal will achieve it; no matter how hard the journey or how dear the cost may be. We are certain that our nation will come out of this crisis and eventually enjoy a decisive victory over its historical enemies.

Lastly we make it known to our citizens and the world at large that new leadership of Front for Independence of Oromia (FIO) shall be announced in a very near future.

The members WWO and leaders of FIO
In the country and abroad
October 29, 2009

Long live our nation!
Long live FIO!
Oromia Shall be free!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Onkololeessa 25, 2009

Dhiheenya kana maqaa damee fi birkii Gumii Adda Bilisummaa Ummata Oromiyaatin “tokkummaa jaarmayoota Oromoo walaba ta’anii uumna” jechuudhan boobbaan godhamaa jiraachu isaa hubannee jirra. Boobbaa godhamu kana keessatti dhugaa dabe sirreesuf ibsi kuni barbaachisaa ta’e argamee jira.

Labsi Onkololeessa 19, 2009 qaama jarmayaa keenya ta’e Damee Toroonto irra darbe akka mirkaneessutti, namtokkeen dhaaba keessaa miseensummaan isaa rarraafametu bakka bu’aa murna GABUO ta’ee if dhiheese.

Namni kunis Obbo Ibsaa Nagawo ta’un isaa tuqamee jira. Gazexxesitooni raadiyoo Sagalee Adda Bilisumma Oromiyaa (SABO) nama kanaaf gaafii gochaafii turanis akkuma inni if dhiheessetti gammachuudhan simachuudhan alatti eenyummaa murna inni bakkan bu’a jedhu san dhaggeefatoota isaanitiif faaran hinibsine. Darbees, hooggana GABUO kan waan jarmayaa irra haasawuuf seera fi heeran mirga itti qabu qajeelchanii osoo beekanu, galii akeeka gaafi fi deebii isaanii guuttachuuf qofaa qormaata malee dimshaashumatti hoganummaa Obbo Ibsaan murna inni baanu irratti qabu fudhachuun isaanii haalan gazexxeesummaa isaanii gaafii keessa galcha jenna.

Gazexxeesitooni SABO, kara fuulduraa badii kana fakkaatu irraa if tiksuudhaf nam-tokkee dharaan maqaa GABUO dhahatee itti dhihaatu hunda osoo bakka bu’aa jaarmayaa ta’u isaa hinmirkaneefatin sagantaa raadiyoo isaanii irratti akka hinafeerre akkeekkachiifna. Badii akkana irra akka if qophanis ni abdana.

Armaa olitti akka tuqametti, akeekni ibsa kanaa, daba godhame kana sirreesudhaan dhugaa jirtu saba keenya hubachiisudhaf. Duraan dursee, GABUOn jarmayaa hookin garee tokkummaa uumuf murteeffatanii ammaan tana irratti hojjachaa jiran waliin hinjiru. Caalattuu ibsuudhaf, tokkummaa murna ABO-jijjiiramaatin si’ana qindaawa jiru keessa GABUOn qooda hirmaannaa hinqabu.

Jaarmayaan hookin murnii Oromoo kamuu waltti dhufee akeekka waliin hirmaatu irratti tokkummaa uumun waan eebbifamaadha. Walitti dhuufiinsa humnoota Oromoo irraa kan rifatu warren diina qabsoo bilisummaa Oromiyaa ta’an qofaa dha jenna. Tokkumman qabsaawotaa galii qabsoo bilisummaa Oromiyaatif murteessadha jedhee akka akeeka ol’aanatti dhaabni dureedhan sosso’u, GABUOn, tarkkaanfii sirna qabeessa kan gurmuu qabsaawotaa itichuuf fudhatamu mara gammachuudhan simata.

Ammaaf garuu GABUOn “tokkummaa” amma itti carraaqamaa jiru kana irraa waan if qusatuf sababa hedduu qaba. Dimshaashumaati adeemsa tokkummaa mul’atu irraa GABUOn quufa hinqabu. GABUOn akka ilaalcha isaatti akeeka tokkummaan humnoota bilisummaa Oromiyaa irratti bu’uraawu qabu akkasumas adeemsa fi akkaatan itti dhugoomuu danda’u irratti tilmaamsa tokko baasuf qophii dha. Tilmaamsa kanas GABUOn ummata keenya bal’aa waliin dhiheenyatti hirmaachuf waadaa seena.

Tokkummaan Humna!!!
Oromiyaan Ni Bilisoomti!!!

Ibsa ABO - (QC) - Haawaa Nagaa Murna Jijjiiramaa wajjiin irratti

Onkoloolessa 27, 2009

Saganataa raadiyoo isaa Onkoloolessa 25, 2009 dabrse irratti, murni Jijjiiramaa, kan G. Kamaal Galchuun geggeeffamu, dhaaba keenya ABO wajjin walitti baquuf maree fixatee akka jiru labsuun isaa ni yaadatama. Dhaabin keenya fi murnni kun walitti baquuf akka walii mallatteessanis achumaan ibsee jira.

Labsi raadiyoo murnna jijjiiramaan labsame kun, dhara (soba) dhugaa irraa fagaate waan ta’eef afanfaajjii inni uumuu danda’u xiqqeessuuf jecha ibsa kana baasuuf dirqamnne.

Mudee 11, 2008, qaamota maqaa ABOn sosso’an fi abba-tokkoota dhimma addaddaan ABO keessaa ala of godhaniif waamicha dabarsuun keenya ni yaadatama. Qabiyyeen waamicha keenyaa dhaaba keenya ABO kaayyoo isaa gamanaa jalatti deebisinee dhinsinee QBO jabeessuuf dhimma ilaalcha siyaasaa kan adda nu baase irratti teenyee akka mar’annu kan gaafatu ture. Kunis itti fufiinsa ejjennoo yeroo jeequmsi dhaabicha keessatti dhalatee jalqabee qabaachaa turree fi ammallee qabnnu dha.

Murnnoon lameen maqaa ABOn sosso’an – Shanee Asmaraa fi Murnna jijjiiramaa – waamicha keenyaaf owwaachu isaaniif galata qabsoo galchinaaf. Qaamota kana lamaan wajjiin maree jalqabnnee jiraachuu keenya isinniif ibsinna. Ha ta’u malee, yeroo ammaa kanatti dhaabin keenya murnoota kana lameen wajjiin dhimma kana ilaalchisee murtii irra gahe akka hin qabnne asumaanuu isin hubachiifnna.

Abdiin keenya, mareen itti jirru Kaayyo ganamaa jalatti ABO dhinsee fu humnneessee QBO jabeessa kan jedhu. Abdii kana dhugoomsuufis qooda nurraa barbaachisu hunda gumaachuu itti fufnna. Ha ta’u malee, dhimmi dhaabicha jeeqee adda bahiinsa fide addaddummaa ilaalcha siyaasaa waan ta’eef furmaatin isaa maree bali’aa fi bilchinaan qabamuu gaafata. Kan ummatin Oromoo nurraa eegus kanuma. Dhimmi kun, dhimmaa fedhii fi hamilee ummata keenyaa ilaallatu waan ta’eef, kan yeroof ittiin tumsa horaachuu fi ykn gumaacha funaannachuuf jecha soba dhugaa fakkeessanii uummaticha ittin gowwomsan ta’uu hin qabu. Ummatin keenya kan nurraa eegu dhugaa itti himuu waan ta’eef, qaamonni siyaasaa Oromoo kanaan beekkaman hundi akka gochaa kana irraa of qusatan kabajaan gaafanna. Kannen dhara (soba) facaasuun qaamota mareetti jiran walitti muufachiisanii sochii kana gufaachiisuu yaalan yoo jiraatan akka isaan hin milkoofinnes asumaan hubachiifnna.

Oromiyaan ni bilisoomtti!

Koree Hojii Geggeessitu - ABO
Onkoloolessa 27, 2009

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Xalayaa deegars WBO Zoonii Kibbaatiif

Irraa: Miseensota Konyaa WBO-ABO (Jijjiiramaa)- Zooni Bahaa , KENYAA JIRRUUTI.


Jidduu kanaa WBO, Zooni Kibbaa, haala mooraa qabsoo bilisummaa Oromoo keessaatti baraa dheeraa keessa dabarree as genyee keessati mudatee fi kan ammaa qabsoon Sabaa keenyaa keessatti argamtu wal cinaa qabudhaan, akkaataa rakkinoota jedhamaniif murtii, ejjenno akkasuma tarkaanfi gara furmaataatti geessu fudhatu labsan ni deegarra.
Keessaafuu haalli ABO fi mooraa qabsoo Oromo keessaattii addaan fottoqinsii yeroo irraa yeerooti umamaa turee fi jiru kun, kan duraa dhaabbatamu qabu akka ta’ee fi, kanneen addaan fafaca’u keessatti gartuulee ABO tahan akka maqaa qofarratti wal qabuu dhiisani, hujii qabsoo jabeessuu fi bilisummaaf Oromoof waloon hojjatani, qabsoo dindaawaa ummanni Oromoo eegataa jirutti of deebisaniif, murtii, ijjennoo fi waamicha WBO ZK dhiheesse akka fala takkicha jiruutti fudhannee jirra.
Dhaaba ABO fi mooraa qabsoo bilisummaa Oromoo keessatii haalli balaan addaan galuu hogganoota jidduutti fi dhimmota dhunfaa, namtokkee sababefachuudhaan kan deddeebi’e mudatu tahe argama.

Seenaa wal diiguu fi dhaabaa akkasuma qabsoo balleessuu amma aadaa tahe kanaaf jalqaba ogguu ofirraa deebinee yaadannu, fottoqinsa duraa kan Bahaa Oromiyaa-Hararghee keessaatti bara 1978/79 dhaaba ABO fi mooraa qabsoo bilisummaa Oromoo mudate ture irraatii lubbuu ilmaan Oromoo kumaatamaan lakkaawaman, meeqaa fi meeqatuu wareegame?
Sadarkaa jalqabatiittii akkasumas qabenyii ilmaan Oromoo fayyaaleyyii keessattuu ilman qotee bulaa kan daangaa hin qabne yeruma sanarraa qabee qe’ee Oromoo garasiitti akka barbadaawe hafe seenaan qabsoo bilisummaa Oromoo keessatti ni yaadatamti.
Yeroo sanarraa kaasee hangaa kan yeroo ammaa kanneeniitti, wal dhabbiilee, finciloota, diigumsaa fi laamsha’uun qabsichaa itti fufe jechuun kan danda’amu, kana hunda keessatti lubbuu goototi ilmaan Oromoo akkasuma qabsaahota Oromoo kan silaa arraa yoo jiraataan qabsoo Saba kanaaf bu'aa qaban kanneen beeytotaa fi hayyoota tahanituu wareegamaa hin barabachifneen galaafataman. Haalota dhabbataan dhaabaa ABO, QBO fi Oromoo mudataa dhufe kana irraa muuyxanoo, gorsaa fi beekomsi HOGGANONI QABSO BILISUMMAA OROMOO HUMAA IRRAA BARACHUU HIN DANDENYEE JENNEE AR’A MIRKANIIN DUBBATUUN NI DANDA’AMA.

Sadarkaa hawaasi Oromootti garuu muuyxannoon kan hunda irraa horate osoo jiru, hogganootni qabsoo ammoo akkamiitti haalota faffakaatoo yeroo sana irraa hangaa arratti dhaabaa ABO fi QBO Oromoo naafisaa dhufe kanneen irraa waa takkaa illee ijaaraa baratu akka dadhaban kunilleen waan namaa aja'ibsisuu dha.

Yaa ummata Oromoo, mee haala ulfaataa Oromootti hudhaa tahe akkanaa kana bakka jirtani dhidhiiba. Tokkummaa fi araaraa WBO ZK akeeka kanaan alaatti falli biraa hafe jiraatu dhabuu hubattani, bakkaa iyyuutti akkumaa keenya kanaatti akeeka tokkummaa kana akka deegartan, gad jabeessitani fi dhugoomsuuf hundi wajjiin ol kaanu nu illeen waamicha Oromummaa fi miseensummaa dabarfanna.

Dhuma irratti dhaaba ABO keessattii sababaa haalaa morkaa fi olaantummaa namoota jidduutti deddeebi’e dhoohurraa dhufeen, qabsahota Oromoo keessatti ammaas bara 2008 keessaa fottoqiinsi tahee kan ABOn yoo xiqqaatte bakka sadiitti waamamu taasise jira.
ABOn tokko ture addaan caphuun amma gara ‘ABO-Qaacaa’, ‘ABO-Shanee’ fi ‘ABO-jijjiiramaa’ je’amuun yeroo amma jirru kana keessatti fuulota jirru kana keessatti qabeenyaa fi hamilee qabsahotaa barbadessuu hujii godhatuun itti fufamuun, egeree Oromoofuu yaaddessaa dhufee jira.

Tarkaanfiin Waraana Bilsimmaa Oromoo ZK haalonnii akkanaa hundi bakka iyyuutti akka dhaabbatuuf fi hundii gara qabsoo dhugaatti akka of deebifnu dhiheesse jira. Akeekni tarkaanfii waraana zoonii sanaa, haala amma Oromoo dhumti diina waliitti tahaa jiru kun hafee, gara qabsoo diina Sabaa fi biyya keenyaa irratti akka fuulleffatamuuf dhiheesse. Ejennoon waraana zoonii kanaa kun, kanaafuu faarfamaa qofa osoo hin taane, seenaa keessatti kan bakka guddaa qabu jenna.

Yaalii nagaa fi araaraa akkasumas tokkoomuu mooraa Qabsoo Oromoo fi ummata Oromoo koreen bu'uressitotaa fi gameeyyii dhaabaa akkasuma qabsoo bilisummaa Oromoo, kan akka kanneen maqaa ABOtiin gara garaatti sosso’aa jiran wajjiin araaramuu dhaan, tokkoomani qabsoof wajjiin hojjatan kan akeekatte tahuutti hubanna. Akeekaa fi yaalii ijaaraa maanguddootaa kana tumsuuf, tarkaanfi WBO Kibbaa kun fudhate, nutis KONYAAN miseensota WBO turre, kan QAMAA ABO-JIJJIRAMAA, NAIROBITTI argamnu, guyyaa arraa irraa egalle kan deegerruu, nuufis ijjennaa keenya tahu beeksifna.

Yeroo walirratti olola oomishuun qofti hujii qabsoo tahee jiru kanaatti, kan jaarmayaan qabsoo abdatamaan akka ABO fi kaan illeen akkanaatti addaan wal diigan, qabsoon bilisummaa ummata Oromoo sadarkaa hamaatti kufaa dhufe kana wajjiin, ogguu gama kaaniin biyyaa keessaatti haala ummata Oromoo laalluu, biyyaa keessatti hireen ilmaan Oromoo hidhamuu fi ajjeefamuu tahuun daranuu itti jirti.
Motummaan gabroonfataa Wayyaanee umrii waggoota digdamatti deemuuf osoo addaan hin dhaabin, Oromoo gataa osoo jiru, dhumaati ilmaan Oromoo irratti gaggeeffamaa jiruuf QBO fi hoggansa dhaaba akka ABOfaa ummatni osoo akka jannata Rabbiitti eegataa jiru, maliif hoggana fi namootni Oromoon silaa of duraatti ilaalan qabsoo, dhaaba, walii isaanii fi hiree Oromootaa akka akkana godhan hedduu nama dhiba.

Yaa Oromoota, namni biyyaa tokko fi hiree tokko eegatu maalif bu’aa dhunfaaf wal dhabuu akkanaa kun hin dhaabbanne kan jedhu yaaddoo hundaati. Kanaaf, haalaa arraan dura dabre keessatii waa hubachuu dandeenyee, irraahis barachuun ammaan booda irratti ummataa Oromoo akka araarfannuu fi namuu bakka jirru qabsoo araarrii keessatti bu’ee, tokkummaa fi waloon geeygessinuuf wajjiin akka hojjannu jabesysine dhaamanna.

Qaama ABO kan tahan, gartuuwwan sadan kana tokkoomsuu irratti akka tumsinu fi bifa hundaan ammoo ammuma irraa kaafne WBO ZK cinaa akka wajjiin dhaabannu waaminsa keenya ida’anna.
Kanumaaf nuti miseensotiin WBO turre kan konyaa ABO-jijjiiramaa Nairobiitti argamnu-zoonii Bahaatti ijaaramuun beekamnu, teessuma waliigala konyaa kanaa gaafa guyyaa Onkololeessa 22, 2009 godhanneen, murtii deegarsa tarkaanfi WBO ZK kana wajjiin dhabatuu dabarfanne.

Akkasuma teessumni missensota konyaa kanaa kun akka guyyuma sun irraa kaasee, hoggana KY-ABO (jijjiiramaan) hin hogganamne murteeffatu keenya kanuma wajjiin labsanna.
Hangaa akekni nagaa, araaraa fi tokkummaa ABO, jarmayoota hafan, QBO, Oromoof dhihaate kun hujitti hiikame, mooraan qabsoo bilisummaa Oromoo tokkoomuutti daandiin deegarsaa keenyaa kan Waraana bilisummaa Oromoo Zooni Kibbaa tahu mirkanessina.

Onkololeysa 22, 2009.

Map of oromia

Map of oromia