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Sunday, January 08, 2012

Oromo Youth Condemn a Radical Political Shift Declared by B/General Kemal Gelchu’s OLF Group.

We, the Oromo youth, want to express our disappointment and issue this press release in rejection of the so-called “New OLF Program” made public on January 1, 2012 by the OLF Change/Jijjiirama group led by B/General Kamal Gelchu.

According to the press release, the group had a two-day Oromo National Council Conference that resulted in the decoding of the OLF’s long established political program and affirmed their dedication to the struggle and to establishing a new Federal Republic of Ethiopia. The group called to reverse the Oromo political program that was deeply rooted in Oromo people’s political interest, which embraced the right to self-determination as an Oromo nation.

We, the Oromo youth, oppose and condemn such a political paradox within Oromo political affairs for the following reasons:

1. The minority clique within the the OLF-Jijjiirama group does not symbolize the view of

Oromo people and their political struggle.

2. The introduced program undermines a century long Oromo struggle for self-rule and selfdetermination, including ultimate sacrifices that have been paid by countless fallen heroes and heroines.

3. The program disregards the complex Oromo political evolution, changing the entire

course of the Oromo struggle overnight.

4. The new political vision is poorly constructed, paradox, and leaves the future in doubt.

5. The program devalues the mission and objectives of the Oromo Liberation Front, thus

compromising the interests of the Oromo people.

Therefore, it has become a historical responsibility for us to publicly send a strong signal of opposition to those who compromise the interests of Oromo people and disregard a history of political suffering. We call upon each and every Oromo, especially Oromo youth, to stand against a political vision that undermines the Oromo people’s rights to self-determination. Like any other youth in the world, the Oromo youth have their share in building a nation, being a voice for voiceless, defending their nation from internal and external enemies, promoting their culture and language, and fighting for the freedom of their people. Be part of history in defending Oromia, and may we never, ever, let down our martyrs.


 Hashim Adam, Former President of OSU and IOYA

Edao Dawano, Former President of OYA; Oromo Youth Activist

Merertu Geleta Kitila, Former Vice President, Secretary, and PR of IOYA

Negassa Ayana, Former President of OYA; Oromo Youth Activist

Nadhii Haji, Active Member of IOYA and OYA; Oromo Youth Activist

Abdurahman Hassen, Active Member of IOYA, OYA, and OYA Hawwisoo

Surraa Tolasa, Active Member of IOYA and OYA; Oromo Youth Activist

Gutama Habroo, Secretary of IOYA

Jireenyaa Yaadetaa, Oromo Youth Activist

Miesso Wako, Active Member of OYA and OYA Hawwisoo

Ibrahim Ansha, Oromo Youth Activist

Dawit Baisa, Former President of IOYA

Mayra Kusa, Oromo Youth Activist

Oda Abdisa, Oromo Youth Activist

The above organizers can be contacted at this e-mail: OromianYouthVoice@gmail.com

Map of oromia

Map of oromia