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Saturday, May 02, 2009

Open Letter to Prime Misister Gordon Brown

The Hon. Gordon BrownPrime Minister of the United Kingdom10 Downing Street, LondonSW1A 2AA
Dear Prime Minister Brown,
We, the Oromo Community in the United Kingdom (UK), are writing this letter to bring to your attention once again the unprecedented and continuous human and material tragedy the Oromo People have been facing over the past 20 years under the incumbent minority ruled TPLF government.
The Oromo Community has been writing a series of letters to inform the UK Government the most significant violations of human rights. We have been asking the UK government that it shall put pressure on the Ethiopian government for their culpable and inhuman acts against innocent Oromo civilians, the Oromo children and their acts of banning democratic institutions. For all those letters we have been receiving seemingly positive responses.
While it has now become a matter of common knowledge that the existing Ethiopian government is amongst very few dictators in the world, it has been enjoying preferential treatment so far, sadly from democratic nations including USA and the UK. This government has banned the free press, has controlled the mass media both at government and party level. It has its own party broadcast which works hand in glove with the government-owned mass media, unprecedented excessive use of political to amass every public support in fact without merit. On the other hand, this government has silenced the free press, arrested journalists or chased them out of their country and finally bowed down to close the Civil Societies and NGO’s. Freedom of association, freedom of expression and the right to access or transmit information have been totally curtailed under this government. This government has gone to the extent of advancing arbitrarily detaining, torturing and killing Oromo parliamentarians who seem to have legal protection against all those evils than at least ordinary citizens. To escape persecution many of them have fled their country, and some have already been given a refuge here in the UK.
Many reports are coming out by independent human rights institutions. In 2008 alone, officials from the UN have expressed their concerns about the humanitarian disaster in southeastern Ethiopia (Ogaden) and in Somalia, which they termed as a “silent Darfur” both in scope and in depth. Similarly, the Human Rights Watch in its report about Ethiopia revealed that the Ethiopian government held major responsibility for the perpetration of widespread crimes against humanity and war crimes, in violation of international human rights law. (http://www.unhcr.org/refworld/docid/49705fa32.html)
While an atrocity of this level is ravaging the country, the UK government continued to praise Mr. Meles as an icon of democracy. Even though many believed that a lesson was learned at least from the 2005 election in which the government have harassed, arrested, and killed many members of the opposition groups, and revised and reversed the result of the election in Oromia, in particular, and in Ethiopia, at large, things do not seem to change so far from the side of democratic nations, particularly the UK. It seems that by inviting the Ethiopian government to the G-20 summit and by giving all the supports it needed, the UK has given deaf ear to the human and material tragedies our people endured over the last 20 years under the leadership of Mr. Meles Zenawi.
Now, the G-20 meeting, that was held in London on 2 April 2009, has shown, be it by intention or by coincidence, that an effort is underway to cover up the killings of civilians, the disappearance of innocent people whose trace is never found and whose families are still looking forward to know with a broken heart and sorrow, the whereabouts of their loved ones. As is already understood it has become clearer now that fighting problems embedded in the 21st-century needs new skill sets and new legal and institutional frameworks that would meet the newly emerging problems. However, such noble initiatives, through inviting criminals to civilized forums, should not have been used to cover up the crimes of criminals and to promote them to a higher degree of dictatorship and criminality.
It is our firm belief that the law that has been in force to apprehend and punish some criminals must also be applied to every one in the same category. We appreciate efforts made so far through the International Criminal Court to hold criminals when they are in power. However, given the treatment of Prime Minister Meles Zenawi and his administration by democratic nations this effort would be incomplete and seem to show that leaders such as Mr. Meles are even favored for the crimes they have been doing.
As the economic policy of Ethiopia under Mr. Meles stands right now, there will be no economic solution for the Oromo people and all Ethiopians. It is, at least, immoral to fund a ruling government that runs party-owned companies with a capital of billions of dollars and robs the people at daylight. Financial assistance given to Ethiopia by the UK, the USA, Canada and other European countries in the name of poverty alleviation, prompting good governance, building impartial judicial system have always been used for the opposite purposes. Ethiopia is the only place, where a ruling party, on one hand, owns a business company via which it directly involves in business, and set the rules needed to govern businesses on the other hand. Ethiopia is the only place where carefully recruited loyalist cadres of the ruling party are trained and appointed to judicial offices to advance party politics in the judicial system. The truth is the assistance officially meant for the protection and promotion of judicial independence, good governance or poverty alleviation are in truth used to strengthen tyranny, suppression and to build the economic might of TPLF itself.
We do not believe grand corruption would help Africa to prosper. Thus, inviting him to the G-20 by itself undermines the entire purpose of the summit. Calling such personalities on this event also conveys a message that developed nations particularly the UK never mind about the violation of human rights in Africa. Despite the good intention and the principle of peaceful coexistence, the assistance that goes in abundance and without consideration of the casualty sustained by the people would, in the long run, undermines the prestigious position the UK government enjoyed so far both in Africa and in the world.
Now therefore, we appeal to your honorable office:
1. that it shall put pressure on the incumbent Ethiopian government that it shall release Oromo prisoners of conscience who were jailed for years just due to their political opinions and participation in legitimate and peaceful political movement.2. that the UK government shall ask that an inquiry to investigate the atrocities caused on the Oromo people by the Meles led Ethiopian government.3. to support the appeal of the Genocide Watch to the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights on 23 March 2009, in which they strongly urged the UNHCHR to initiate an investigation of genocide and crimes against humanity http://www.genocidewatch.org/images/Ethiopia090323UNHCHR.pdf4. that the UK Government to stop funding a ruling government from the aid fund dedicated for helping poor people.5. that the UK government shall put pressure on the TPLF government that they shall stop looting the people through their party owned business companies.
We are looking forward to your kind response.
Sincerely yours,
From the Oromo Community in the UK
cc: G-20 Member StatesUnited Nations Higher Commissioner for Human RightsGenocide WatchAmnesty InternationalHuman Rights Watch
Source (OromoLiberationFront.org)

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Xalayaa Qaama Jijjiiramaa

Gara: Waajira Adda Bilisummaa Oromoo
Kabajumaa Dura Deemaa koree yeroo Adda Blisummaa oromoo Jaal Kamaal Galchuu

Garagalchaa: Waajira Damee Jaarmayaa Ummataaf Jaal Yonaattan Dhihisan
Ummanni oromoo akka sabaatti gabrummaa fi saamamuu jalaa bahee dararaa fi mirga dhabuu irraa bilisummaaf qabsoo bifa adda addaagodha as gahuun isaa ni beekama. Sababuma kanaaf jecha lubbuun ilmaan isaa qaqqaali wareeguun, qabeenya fi qe’eewwan hedduumina qaban gubattani jiru. Garuu dararaan fi hammeenyi irratti raawwatame kun eessaanu isa hin geenye.
Gabaabumatti qabsoo ABO ttiin hooganamu akka haarawaatti xiinxaluun kan barbaachisee fi jijjiiramni ille akka gadi bahu kan taasisee haaluma kana. Jijjiiramni kun caasaa dhaabaa keessatti jijjiirama haarawa (transitional shift) mul’ata irratti ammo hujii jijjiirama buqqaasaan (paradigm shift) gadi bahaa ka jedhuun miseensoota bayyee hawwachisee ture.
Haalli kun akkuma ABO bara 1974 rakkoo osoo of danda’ee akka jaarmayaatti hin ijaaramiin warra hanga tokko sababa isaan irraa beekaniin of ijaaranii sosso’aa jiran irratti rara’ee uumameetti. Jijjiiramnis rakkoo bara dheeraa ABO itti of xaxaa ture keessaa. Rakkinuma sana waliin gadi bahuu isaati. Kana misseensootni hubatanii akkamitti duratti deemamuun danda’ama dha dubbiin jabduun nu qabatte!
Haala kana jabinaan fi gara kutannoon yoo keessaa hin baanee taane oromoo akka oromootti jiraachisuu waan dandeenyu nutty hin fakkaatu.
Jijjiiramni eergi dhoyee jalqabee misseensoonni fi oromoonni hedduun gammachudhan akka fudhatanii fi itti bahinsa isaatifis akka hojachuu qaban dirqama seenaa ta’u isaa amanani turan. Ummatichi diinan miidhamus qabsoon taasifamaa ture kun firii barbaadamu irra gahu hin danda’amne. Wantoota kana uguran keessaa dhaaba kana keessatti amaloota faallaa ta’e kaayyoo ganamaa sana irraa maquun diriiru isaati KKF. Abjuu fi mul’ata (Dream and Vision) ummataa ta’unsaa dagatamee Anatu abbaa qabsooti jedhanii of ilaalu, hoganooni duraan turan qabsoon kun deemaa jira, itti fufaa jira, waraana deemsisaa jirra uummatni mana hidhaatti seenera, medheen eebalu hagana buuseera kkf odeefamu malee mirgaa fi waan barbaadnurra hagana tarkaanfaneera ol gudaneera kan jedhamu hin ture. Hoganni akanaa kun (process oriented leader) ta’urraa kan ka’e furmaata roga maraanuu kan keennu hin turre.
Kanaafuu kaayyoo ganamaa qabanee manaa bane sana galmaan gahuuf hoganoota bu’aa hin fidne waan hin barbaachisneef, hoganoota frii gad fiduu danda’an (Result oriented leaders) ta’aniin jijjiiramu ykn bakka bu’amu qaban.
Akka kanaatti nuti misseensootni jijjiiramaa ka Nayiroobi keessa jirru hangi tokke, Wegii guyyaa jijjiiramni dhoye jalqabee hawwiin keenya Amaloota duri shaneen ittiin bobba’a turte sanarra walaba taane jijjirama dhugaa (real change) fuduuf tattaafachuu turee, umatni keenya ille yoo kana hubate abdi horata, fuul-duratti nagaa argadha, yaadni inni yaadulle waan dansaatu dhufe kn jedhu ta’a. Sammu uumata keenya keessat illee abdi uumuu fi mul’atni isaa akka milkaahu danda’u ni hubataa, jijjirama fidudhaafis ta’e kayyoo isaatis galman gahuuf qabsahoota haqaa waliin ille waan barbaachisa ta’e maraan akka hiriiru dabaleetis tokkumaa hawaasa keenyaa ilee fidu danda’a jeneetu abdi qabna ture.
Haa ta’u malee fuula Nayirobi kanatti wanti biqiluf mumul’ataa jiran, sanyi shaneetu jijjirame keessatti faca’uudhan jijjirama dhugaa karaa irraa dabsuun amaloota kaleessaa sanatu adeemifamaa jira. Kanaafu haala kana furmaata otoo itti hin kenning yoo bira darbine miidhaa uumata keenyarra gahu bifa haarwaan akka itti fufu dandii saaquu fakaata malee jijjiirama buqaasaa (Radical change) fiduu hin ta’u.
Waan kana ilaalchi guddaa itti godhame furmaatni hatatamaa akka itti kennamu jechaa nuti misseensoota jijjirama warri taane yaadaa ta’u qabuu fi gaafii asitti deebi dhaban akka armaan gaditti isini ibsuuf dirqisiifamneera.
Nuti fi uumatni Kccnya sochii jijjiiramaa kana ABOn Boqonnaa haarwaatti akka seenetti amanna. Haa ta’u malcc fuula Nayirobii kauani sochiin godhamaa jiru akka barbaadamuu fi akka itti yaadame sanarra hin jiru. Har’a jijjiirama kana dhoycc akka gadi bahu ka godhc. Rooroo fi Gidiraa bara dheeraa dhaaba kana kcessa ture ta’ullee gara kuteenyaan akka rakkoon kun burqee jijjiirarnani deemamu ka taasise, Waraana mooraa diinaa cabsee dhaabasaatti dabalame ka Gootota jeneraalootaa fi Qondaaltootaa masakamu TA’UU ISAA NI HUBANNA. Har’a dhaadannoon eebifamaa ka jijjiirama jedhu kun akka Daandii hin qabannee fi sirnaan hin tarkaanfanne fuula kanatti xaxaa kaleessaa tureen itti fufiinsa ta’eera.
Akka kanaatti akkurna armaan olitti xuxxuqu yaulleetti dabalatee rakkoolee biqiluuf as keessatti mumul’achaa jiran akka armaan gadii kana ta’a.

·Mirgi misseensaa hin kubaiamu. Gaaffiin misseensootaa ni ugurama. Walgahirratti (wal-gahi dabbalootaa) waltajiin bilisa miti. Misseensootaaf odeefannoon wal-qixa hin hin himamu.
·Misseensumaan Qorannoo tokko malee gandaa fi gosaan kennamaa jirti.
·Haalli as keessatti deemaa jiru Tokkummaa Oromorratti gaaga’ama ka fidu dha.
·Hoogannoon gadi bahani uumata hin dubbisan.
·Uumanni fuula kanatti qaama jijjiiramaa kanaan shanee 2ffaa jechaa jira. Maal jennaan hojiin akkuma kaleessaa sana waan ta’eef.
·Naamusaa fi siina dhaahaa cabsanii misseensa dhaba Adda Tokkichumma Bilisummaa Oromoo (ATBO)f gargaaraa jiru. Misseensoota ABO gara dhaaba jedhame kanatti godaansisaa jiru. Yoo kun maaliif ta’a jetnee gaafatne nuti tokkuma jedhani nuu deebisu.
·Haalli akkuma kaleessa baratamett deemaa jira. Diiginsa malee wahee ijaarsaa hin mul’atu.
·Misseensi olaana dhaabaa USA dhufee daran uumrnata qeeyeen, naannoo fi Gosaan adda hiree deeme.
·Caasaa fi Qajeelfamaan dalagamaa hin jiru. Hoganni asi waan waloon dalagamuu qabu irratti amantaa hin qabu. Hooganni asi Qaaman gara jijjiramaa dhufe malee yaadan hin dhufne bakkuma laeessaa sana jira.
·Misseensota warra shanee waliin hariiroo qabu nuti miseensoota warra shanee yammuu balaalefannu hin xuqinaa, Hooganootaa fi misseensoota keenya nuun jedhu.
· Nuti abbaa qabsooti, nutu bara dheeraa keessa ture jedhani of dhaadeessu.
·Maalaqa guuramu maal akka ilti rraawatan hin beeknu. Nutti himuuf illee fedhii hin qaban.
·Hooganoota misseensota fuula kana jiran dhalootan kan naannoo tokko ta’an dhimma qabsooratti ykn dhimma waloo qabnurratti adeemsi qabsoo har’a asitti godhamaa jiru sirnaan bifa haarwaan deemu qabaa, hin qabuu akkuma caasaa kaleesaatin deemu qaba murna jedhu waliin falmii nu gidduutti dhalateen waan dhimma guddaa fi falmii kana caamsuuf misseensi dhalootaan naannoo biraa ta’e akka hin dhageenye jedhani. Naamusaa fi sirna dhaabaa caabsuudhan wal dhabiin kan ka Arsii gidduutti qofa dhalate fakkeesuudhaaf naannoon filani Guyyaa 11/01/2009 warri wal gahii taa’an akka armaan gadi kana ta’a.

1 – Abbaa Nagaa Jaarraa 2 - Abbiyyuu Sammuu 3 - Qilxuu Aadaa
4 - Qeeransoo Abdellaa5 - Bakkalcha Subii
6- Silamu’eel Sunnee 7- Magarsaa Damee
8- Dachaas Roobaa
9- Dheeressaarcssan
10 – Lammii Hamdee
11 – Abdulaziz H/Abdulqadir
12 – Hussen Abdurroo
13- Hajii Goobee fi Jaarooliin isaaniif tumsa godhanillee keessatti argamu

Yoo ta’an warri kun silaa otoo hubatani dhimma oromoo ilaalu oromoo maraatu hiikatuu qaba malee qeyeen qofa wal yaamani maal fiduuf?

Yaada furmaataa ta’u qaba jetnee amannu
Haalli jalqaba jijjiiramaa kun carraa uumatni orornoo argate kana dhugoomsuu qaba. Carraan kun nu dabarraan kana booda oromoo naannoo fi gosaan wal facaasuu fi wal ficisiisutu itti aana diinni oromoo carraa kanatti dhimma bahuun ni milkaawaa jetna.

·Caasaa waloon soca’amu uumuun mirga warra dhuunfaa doomsuu. Waan waloon dalagamu irratti yeroo yeroon wal argani marii gochuun dalagaa qajeelchuu.
·Dandeetttii. beekumsaa fi dhugaan akka deemamu mirkaneesuu. Jajjabeesuu fi to’achuu.
·Oromummaaa malee gandummaa mogolchuu, uummatni ulfina ganamaa walii kennuun kaayyoo waloo irratti xiyyeefatu akka ta’u fakkii agarsiisuudhaan akka tarkaanfatu taasisuu.
·Dabballee kaayyoof dhaabbatu malee kan hoogana jedhee lallisu dhiisuu, kun hojiin jabaa fi amansiisaan akka gadi bahu godha jechuu dha. Dabballee itti kaadhiman ulaaga sadarka sanitti lafa kaahuu barbaachisa.
·Dhimma dantaa dhuunfaaf socha’amuu maseensuu, kanaaf duula haarawaa banuu yoo kun hin danda’amne oromummaan lalisuu hin danda’amu.
·Qabsoo uumataatitti nama dandeetii fi oogummaa qaban kan qabsoo kanaaf bu’aa guddaa buusuu danda’an qabsoo irraa qooda akka fudhatan jajjabeesuu fi karaa saaquun mirkaneessuu.
·Amaloota badaa kaleessa turan hambisuuf misseensi kamu leenjii waan
Jijjirama jajjabeessu fudhatuu.
· Caasaan haarawaa sirnaan diriiree hojatamuu qaba.
·Jijjiramni Oromoo hundaaf akka wal-qixa ta'e baramuu fi barsiifamu qaha.
·Waan dalqabamu karooraan deemu.
·Waan dalagamu sana irrattii yeroo yeroon gamaa gama gochuu
·Namoota dalagaaf ramadaman Dandeetii fi beekumsa isaanitin ta’u qaba malee wal-beekumsaa fi naanooodhaan ta’u hin qabu.
· Jijjiirama dhugaa fiduuf karaa qabaabaan hin jiru kanaafuu hoogonooni yeroo dheeradhaf qabsoo kana hooganaa turan gaafii uummata Oromoo fiixan baasuu waan hin dandeenyeef hooganoota bu’aa buusaniin (pragmatic leadership) bakka bu’uu quban. Kayyoon kun uummataaf male dhuunfadhaaf waan hin taaneef.
·Dabbaloonni shanee booddessaa waliin badii dalagaa turan jijjiramuu qabu.
·Sadarka huundattuu kutaan mara iyyuu akka baayina goodinaatiin qabsoo keessatti qooda barbaachisaa ta’e fuudhatu qaba. Kun afuurri oromummaa akka itituu fi wal amantaan akka horamu godha.
·Tarsiimoon jijjiramni tarkaanfuchiisu yeroon isaa murtahe lafa kayyamu qaba (period of transformation).
·Meehshaalee ykn barreefama waahee warraaqsaa jijjiramaa kana cimsuu fi barnoota siyaasaa keennu bal’inaan qophahee dhiyaatuu qaba. Barreefama olola diina cabsuu fi kan maandheen itti hojatu yeroo yeroodhaan qophahee dhiyaatuu qaba.

Hubachiisa: Wantoota armaan olitti xuxuqaman kanarratti otoo hin hojjatiin kora sabaa yaamnaan jijjiramni dhugaa dhufu akka hin dandeenye garu shaneen bifa haarwaan deebi’e mooraa isaa akka ittifuu karaa banuu ta’a.
Nuti misseensoonni ABO kan qaama jijjiiramaa ka taanee waan armaan olitti isiniif ibsine kanaaf deebii daddafiin akka nu keenitani jijjiirama hawwinu sana waloon akka raawatnu kabajaan isiiiiiiiiin gaafanna.
1 - Sisaay Sooreessaa 2 - Biqilaa Deettii
3 - Abbabaa Daadhii
4 - Katamaa Makoonin 5 - Shagaa Araddoo
6 - Bantii Fufaa
7- Acaaluu Hangaasaa 8- Haji hajii Waaqayyoo 9- Hajii Huseen Kaliil
10 – Jamaal Dafii
11 – Shek Kadir Umar
12 – Mohamad Abdulqadir
13 – Abubakar Huseen
14 – Abdul Hakim Gusee

Map of oromia

Map of oromia