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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

UNPO Declaration - Earth Day 2008

April 22, 2008 - Recognising that climate change forces peoples to emigrate from areas which they inhabit and into the homelands of different peoples and that this forced migration can and often does result in conflict.

Further recognising that this phenomenon deeply affects many UNPO Members, particularly in Tibet, East Turkestan and Inner Mongolia.

Whereas UNPO recognises the need to take action immediately to avoid or ameliorate the long term consequences of climate change and supports all environmental groups and all action taken in support of Earth Day 2008.

Emphasising, however, that the most urgent need for action is in response to the debilitating contemporary consequences of climate change, in the form of famine and abject poverty, that affect many of UNPO’s Members and that are exacerbated by the exploitation and repression of these minorities and their natural resources by the States in which they reside.

Citing the case of Cordillera, for example, where declining forest cover and watershed degradation continue to imperil the region’s remaining water supply sources, and Oromo, where government maladministration is compounding the effects of an intense drought.

Affirming that accessing and protecting their environmental resources is a key right of all nations and peoples – a prerequisite means for preserving and developing their culture and communities in an independent and sustainable manner.

Vehemently protesting the recent rapid increase in environmental degradation and exploitation, in many cases most severely in areas where local populations already suffer from the effects of oppression, discrimination and isolation. This wilful destruction of their environments is a profoundly unjust means of prolonging the unsustainable demand for resources elsewhere.

Recognising that UNPO members inhabit some of the most naturally beautiful places on Earth, that this natural beauty not only benefits these peoples but is for the enjoyment of everyone on Earth, and that without immediate action on climate change and changes of policy by the States and regimes that exploit the environmental resources of these regions, we will forever lose these awe-inspiring parts of the world and our generation will be forever guilty of severe neglect.

UNPO declares, on the occasion of Earth Day 2008, 22 April 2008 an international day of action and promotion of the environmental issues affecting UNPO Members and calls upon its Members to actively educate and publicise these issues among their own communities and abroad, including by writing to the United Nations General Secretary, as well as related international bodies, informing them of the local impact of environmental change and degradation.

Map of oromia

Map of oromia