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Thursday, December 29, 2005

Statements of Oromo Students of Finfinne University

We, Oromo students of Finfinne university have never and will never be indifferent torture, murder, imprisonment and harassment perpetuated against our people and our father land Oromia by wayane’s dictatorial regime which the whole world is witnessing.
These evil acts deliberately done against Oromo people witnesses its unconstitutionality when we see the victims’ age ranging from 10 to 80. Besides, the premeditated murder against Oromo students, among others, Alamayoo Garba, Morka Iddossa and a child of age 12 is unbearable agony for all Oromo people and leaves a black scar in their mind, which certainly leads them to revenge. In addition, the imprisonment of 22 students out side of the compound, Birhanu Gammachu, Mathewos Tafarra and the rest 20, taken into undefined place, made us irritated and will leads us to the worst action. Such inhuman and irresponsible act of Wayyaane government will at the end tends to ethnic cleansing which would be fatal for this country and specially for Wayyaane. Here we would like to stress that the murdering of Oromo students, as a whole Oromo people, commenced at Ambo and propagated through out Oromia which has reached, at least 17, revises our swear to revenge in every ways and means.

We Oromo students of Finfinne University are not in a good mental state to pursue our education due to violence and crimes being committed against Oromo students at different levels and due to the imprisonment and harassment of our fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters and relatives.

Now our patience is wiped out and we have started singing bob marley’s song "stand up for your right …" Thus, the struggle to step down Wayyaane dictatorial government started at Jimma university, Jaldu, Ambo, najjo, mandi, Gimbi Arsi, Harar SS schools... and the rest are the stepping stones for our struggle.

Victory for Oromo people!!
Oromo Students of Finfinne University
December 29, 2005.

Refugees protest "kidnapping" of 25 Oromos in Kenya

Dec 26, 2005 (NAIROBI) - Close to 1,000 Ethiopian refugees are camped atthe offices of UN High Commission for Refugees in Westlands - Nairobi -protesting against the kidnapping of 25 of their members.

The refugees, all of Oromo origin, claim that the Ethiopian governmenthas sent spies among their midst and is scheming to repatriate them backto Ethiopia.But Ethiopian Ambassador Murad Musa blames the kidnapping on the OromoLiberation Front militant group, some of whom are said to be operatingin this country.The refugees do not want to be associated with the group that opposesthe Ethiopian government.

An Oromo elder, Geleta Aboye, told the enyan KTN TV "we have acommunity, there is the Oromo community in this country, in Nairobi andthe government of Ethiopia has planted its spies from Oromo community."Ambassador Musa said "I have sent my diplomat to verify this thing onwhat's going on there. And this country as you know is a sovereigncountry, it has its own structures, security structures. It knows what'sgoing on here."An embassy's function is not kidnapping, embassy's function is having adirect relationship with its community, Musa said.

TPLF's madness knows no boundaries

The Ethiopian regime, faced with a growing popular discontent inside the country, and reproaching the large number of refugees in the neighboring countries especially in Kenya for the crisis inside the country, is now reinforcing its foreign-based security traps.

Just over the last few weeks, the EPRDF/TPLF security agents have killed or kidnapped 25 Oromo refugees residing under the protectorate of Kenya and the United Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR).

On December 27, 2005, hundreds of Oromo refugees staged a demonstration at the UNHCR office at Westlands in Nairobi to protest against the killings, kidnappings, and harassments by Ethiopian government agents. The demonstrators held slogans that read: UNHCR save Oromo refugees, Kenya government should protect us, bring back kidnapped Oromos …etc.

These outrageous offenses by Ethiopian government constitute a grave violation of the international law, which guarantees the safety of refugees fleeing persecution. The Ethiopian regime is stepping up atrocities against all segments of the Oromo society including hunting down Oromo nationals across the border as a part of a campaign designed to ease strong opposition made against the repressive government of Meles Zenawi.

Contrary to its declarations and accession to International Human Rights Covenants, the TPLF led Ethiopian Government is a tyrannical regime that has engaged in gross violations of human rights and that has no respect for international treaties that it ratified. The TPLF regime is anathema of human rights and rule of law.

The OLF is deeply concerned about this alarming development. Refugees are often helpless and feeble relying on the legal protection of host countries. The Ethiopian regime continues to defy international rules, blatantly disregarding the right of refugees to live in peace.

We ask the Kenyan government, the UNHCR, and all other concerned government and non-government agencies to take immediate actions to protect Oromo and other refugees residing in Kenya, demand that the Ethiopian government free all kidnapped refugees, and require that the Meles government refrain from cross-border criminal activities.

Victory to the Oromo People!

External Information Division
Foreign Relations Department
Oromo Liberation Front
December 29, 2005

Sunday, December 25, 2005

Murder to gush a thirst

On December 20, 2005; the TPLF killed three students in Qiltu Karaa, Western Oromia. Five more students were seriously injured and taken to Aayiraa hospital. One of the five was later reported dead. The TPLF now blames the local Amharas for the death of the students.

Oromo students have been killed and detained because they participated in peaceful protests against government policies all over Oromia, torture and rape of prisoners has become routine in secret detention centers. The TPLF has also arrested all members and supporters of the Oromo Federalist Democratic Movement (OFDM) supporters in Najjoo. OFDM is a legal party with seats in the Parliament.

In an attempt to diverge the growing discontent of the Oromo people against the Tigrean led minority regime, the TPLF is now in the process of extensively concocting conflicts between Oromos and other ethnic and nationality groups, especially Amharas. Because of preexisting grievances and contradictions as a legacy of the colonial years, this conflict can easily get out of hand with potentially tragic consequences.The TPLF is running astray though out Oromia and we are extremely concerned by such recent developments. We, an equivocally condemn this irresponsible act of the TPLF government, the inhuman measure that were taken against the students and the indefinite closure of schools.

We ask all concerned organizations and governments to discern this situation that requires urgent and immediate international attention.

Victory to the Oromo People!

External Information DivisionForeign Relations DepartmentOromo Liberation Front

December 24, 2005

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Map of oromia