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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Kenyana MP: "Sheik Shariif did not surrender"

23 January 2007 - Reports yet not confirmed by the Islamic sources or the clan elders suggest that Sheikh Shariif head of executive Sharia Courts crossed the border into Kenya at 7am and was taken by helicopter to Kenyan capital Nairobi and at the moment under protection in a hotel.

Kenyan officials say the they where expecting sheikh Shariif to reach the border soon in a hope the make peace between the courts and the puppet "governments" since all the Ethiopian occupation troops in the country was preparing to pull out.

Many of the Islamic Courts officials are in Kenya under protection from the security intelligence and government officials who are ethnic Somalis, this include the Islamic Courts scholar Sheikh Nuur Malin, Businessman Omar Adaani and the Islamic Court's head for reconciliation Sheikh Hassan Dheere.

Well known ethnic Somalis in the Kenyan government and business are know to be sympathetic to the Islamic force and arranged for many of the Muslims to come to Kenya.

Meanwhile a well known Kenyan MP Farah Ma'alim stated the Sheikh Shariif did not surrender but he was a guest of the Kenyan government. After intense effort to make contact with Sheikh Shariif by the Kenyan and the American, government officials say the Sheikh arrived on the border at 7am and was whisked away by a helicopter waiting for him.

Kenyans and Americans fear the conflict in Somalia could spill into the whole of the horn of Africa region which is a majority Muslim. The MP said that Americans are eager to make peace with Sheikh Shariif since most of the Ethiopian occupation troops have left Somalia and the rest are preparing to leave the country.

Meanwhile so call "African peacekeepers troops" of about 5,000 are said to arrive in Mogadishu to protect the puppet "government" leaving most of the country with out any effective control.

Kenyan officials earlier said Sheikh Shariif was in a hotel under the protection of American and western officials but the American deny this, many government of Somali ethnic group are sympathetic to the Islamic Court and have good contacts with them, this led to making contacts with the Islamic leader to try to salvage any hopes of preventing the growing insurgency under way.

Meanwhile in Mogadishu heavy fighting took place between puppet troops with Ethiopian occupation forces and Mogadishu residence in the animal market after a dawn raid by the occupation troops to snatch two well known men who they accuse of supporting the mujahiddeen, when neighbors heard of the presence of the troops people took their weapons from their houses and headed for confrontations that was taking place, 7 people are confirmed dead in the fighting.

In Dhusa Mareb further north of the country residence confirmed the entire occupation and puppet troops that was stationed in the city left by dawn after coming under fire in the previous nights.

KC and agencies

The TPLF's Genocide Goes beyound Imagination

SLF Statement on State Sponsored Terrorism -

The TPLF regime of Ethiopia has gone too far by extending its sphere of influence. If any, may be only few have imagined that Meles Zenawi would carry out his genocidal act in a foreign country. The recent invasion of Somalia by the tyrannical regime of Ethiopia has tripled fold.

The first one is to extend its persecution of the Ethiopians including those who have fled their country to escape from his (Meles’s) brutality at home, and sot refuge in Somalia, in the pretext that the refugees may support various liberation fronts. With this context the regime is proceeding a premeditated genocide on the Oromos and other ethnic groups including Sidamas in Somalia.

The second aim for Meles is to present himself as ant-terrorist (Islamist) Champion, this would enable him to receive large aid from the west (U S A) to maintain his authoritarian rule over Ethiopia, hereby prolonging the misery of Ethiopian people.

The third one is to limit Somalis power. The Ethiopian regime is very anxious to keep the Somalis without central government or at least to keep them with weak and puppet government which would able Meles to control from Addis Ababa.

Having these three ill conceived motives in mind Meles Zenawi shamelessly invaded, a country which lived without central government or conventional army for more than 15 years.
It seems he succeeded at least temporarily for his malicious aim. Consequently he is continuing his genocide of the Oromos in Somalia.

We condemn this barbaric act in its strongest term and urge the international community to condemn and intervene before it gets out of control.

Sidama Liberation Front (SLF)
January 24-07

Map of oromia

Map of oromia