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Monday, November 21, 2005

Protest on its 8th day

Oromo people’s struggle against Ethiopian fascist regime in its 8th day.

The flame of Oromo people's struggle against tyranny is picking momentum by the day, engulfing the entire Oromia. On the 16th of November, Oromo students in Arsii Zone, Qoree town, staged a peaceful demonstration. However, the Wayane regime and its agents turned the peaceful demonstration into a blood bath by directly opening fire on the protesters killing four students instantly. Angered by this execution, the residents of the city joined the protesters plunging the city into a state of total chaos. In the middle of that chaotic situation, six more people were killed, bringing the number of deaths to ten people. Information leaked out from the government inner circle indicated that a plain-cloth mercenary hired by the regime committed the killings of the first four Oromo students. This dangerous maneuver is designed to blame the killings of the Oromos onto the ethnic group the killer comes from, on the one hand, and to divert attention from the fundamental questions raised by the Oromo people, on the other hand.

We would like to warn the international community and all concerned parties, in a strongest term possible, that the implications of such acts of this government is the gravest one, and the responsibility of any potential bloodshed, as the result of this act, lies squarely on the Wayane regime in Finfinnee.

Following this massacre, students in Kofalee town staged huge demonstration on 17th of November while Oromo students from Arsii Nagellee and Kuyyaraa towns have staged similar protests on 18th of November.

In east Oromia, the people of Hirnaa and its surroundings have continued their protests that have been going on for more than a week now. On top of the people arrested from Hirnaa so far, nine more students and several residents, including one mentally disabled person, were shipped to a concentration camp in Hirnaa on the 18th of November.

The names of nine students arrested on 18th of November are:

Aammee Shankor
Bushiir Muhassan
Aammee Mohammad (with his entire family)
Abraahiim Aliyyi
Ahmad Abraahiim
Abdii Mohammad
Mohammad Hassan
Mohammad Khaliif

Family members who managed to see the prisoners have told a gruesome story in the concentration camp. Most students were severely bitten up and one student has sustained a life threatening injuries.
In similar developments, farmers in the rural areas surrounding Hirnaa, have refused to attend a government-organized conference and staged demonstrations rejecting the government’s propaganda conference.
In another town in eastern Oromia, Ciroo, Oromo students and Oromo residents have continued their peaceful resistance, closing down all the roads leading to the town on the 18th of November.
Similarly protests of varying levels have continued in Amboo, Jimmaa, Bushooftuu, Roobee, Naqamtee, Gimbii, and several other cities in the entire Oromia.

Victory to the Oromo people.

External Information DivisionForeign Relations DepartmentOromo Liberation FrontNovember 18, 2005

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