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Sunday, November 20, 2005

The Ethiopian Brutal Police massacred

The Ethiopian brutal police massacred eight protestors in Qorree town of Arsii Zone

On the 16th of November, Oromo students in Arsii Zone, Qoree town, staged a peaceful demonstration. However, the Wayane regime turned what started as a peaceful demonstration into a blood bath by directly opening fire on the protesters killing three students instantly. Angered by this execution, the residents of the city joined the protesters plunging the city into a state of total chaos. In the middle of that chaotic situation, five more people were killed, bringing the number of deaths to eight people. Observers have reported that these killings were orchestrated by the OPDO to create strife between the Oromo people and other peoples living in Oromia in a desperate attempt to divert attention from the fundamental questions of the Oromo people directed at their role in the subjugation of our people.

In support of their fallen heroes, students in Kofalee town staged huge demonstration on 17th of November while Oromo students from Arsii Nagellee and Kuyyaraa towns have scheduled similar protests for 18th of November.

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