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Sunday, November 20, 2005

Breaking News

The Oromo People acted in response to the Call Made by its Vanguard the OLF.

It is to be recalled that over the last weeks the OLF, through its radio organ, “Voice of Liberation of Oromia (VLO) and other means called for Oromia-wide protest against the repressive regime of Mr. Meles’ Zenawi in Ethiopia. Reports coming from Oromia over the last few days indicate that Oromos in different parts of Oromia have overwhelmingly responded to this call.

Oromos in towns such as Ciro, Galamso, Baddeessaa, Awwadaay, Haramaayaa, Dirree dhawaa, Jimmaa, Gimbii, Bakkoo, Warraa Jarsoo and Inaangoo have taken their protests to the streets. The demonstrations were mostly initiated by Oromo students, and then joined by citizens from all walks of life. The Ethiopian regime responded with the usual brutality against these peaceful demonstrators. For example TPL/EPRDF police rounded up about 100 students in Ciro. Many of the detainees were tortured and taken to unknown destinations. Reports reaching us from home also confirm that the government is transporting large number of Special Forces from central Oromia to the east - Haramaayaa area in a desperate move to control the mass uprising in that part of Oromia. So far the TPLF/EPRDF police forces have killed five Oromo students and wounded 17 more in Ambo, about 120 km west of the capital. Three of the victims have been identified:

1. Jaagamaa Badhaanee (from Ambo 06, grade 11 student)
2. Kabbadaa Badhaasaa (from Xuqur Incinnii, grade 11 student)
3. A female student (identity awaiting confirmation)

In Moojoo, about 60 km south of the capital, large number of Oromos demonstrated, shouting and chanting slogans that included “free all political prisoners”, “long live OLF”, and ”stop killing and imprisonment of Oromos”. Here also many demonstrators were rounded up and detained.

Oromo Liberation Front
External Division of Information
OLF Foreign Relation Department

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