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Thursday, December 29, 2005

Statements of Oromo Students of Finfinne University

We, Oromo students of Finfinne university have never and will never be indifferent torture, murder, imprisonment and harassment perpetuated against our people and our father land Oromia by wayane’s dictatorial regime which the whole world is witnessing.
These evil acts deliberately done against Oromo people witnesses its unconstitutionality when we see the victims’ age ranging from 10 to 80. Besides, the premeditated murder against Oromo students, among others, Alamayoo Garba, Morka Iddossa and a child of age 12 is unbearable agony for all Oromo people and leaves a black scar in their mind, which certainly leads them to revenge. In addition, the imprisonment of 22 students out side of the compound, Birhanu Gammachu, Mathewos Tafarra and the rest 20, taken into undefined place, made us irritated and will leads us to the worst action. Such inhuman and irresponsible act of Wayyaane government will at the end tends to ethnic cleansing which would be fatal for this country and specially for Wayyaane. Here we would like to stress that the murdering of Oromo students, as a whole Oromo people, commenced at Ambo and propagated through out Oromia which has reached, at least 17, revises our swear to revenge in every ways and means.

We Oromo students of Finfinne University are not in a good mental state to pursue our education due to violence and crimes being committed against Oromo students at different levels and due to the imprisonment and harassment of our fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters and relatives.

Now our patience is wiped out and we have started singing bob marley’s song "stand up for your right …" Thus, the struggle to step down Wayyaane dictatorial government started at Jimma university, Jaldu, Ambo, najjo, mandi, Gimbi Arsi, Harar SS schools... and the rest are the stepping stones for our struggle.

Victory for Oromo people!!
Oromo Students of Finfinne University
December 29, 2005.

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