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Sunday, December 25, 2005

Murder to gush a thirst

On December 20, 2005; the TPLF killed three students in Qiltu Karaa, Western Oromia. Five more students were seriously injured and taken to Aayiraa hospital. One of the five was later reported dead. The TPLF now blames the local Amharas for the death of the students.

Oromo students have been killed and detained because they participated in peaceful protests against government policies all over Oromia, torture and rape of prisoners has become routine in secret detention centers. The TPLF has also arrested all members and supporters of the Oromo Federalist Democratic Movement (OFDM) supporters in Najjoo. OFDM is a legal party with seats in the Parliament.

In an attempt to diverge the growing discontent of the Oromo people against the Tigrean led minority regime, the TPLF is now in the process of extensively concocting conflicts between Oromos and other ethnic and nationality groups, especially Amharas. Because of preexisting grievances and contradictions as a legacy of the colonial years, this conflict can easily get out of hand with potentially tragic consequences.The TPLF is running astray though out Oromia and we are extremely concerned by such recent developments. We, an equivocally condemn this irresponsible act of the TPLF government, the inhuman measure that were taken against the students and the indefinite closure of schools.

We ask all concerned organizations and governments to discern this situation that requires urgent and immediate international attention.

Victory to the Oromo People!

External Information DivisionForeign Relations DepartmentOromo Liberation Front

December 24, 2005

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