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Thursday, October 13, 2011

The Macha-Tulama Cooperative and Development Association (MTA), USA, Inc.

Press Release October 12, 2011

Illegal imprisonment of Macha-Tulama officials

As all its predecessors, the current dictatorial and terrorist regime of Ethiopia came to state power and managed to stay in office through brutal force for twenty years. Since it grabbed state power by force, the main target of its hidden war and terrorism is the Oromo people. This Tigrayan-led regime has been employing all means of violence, terrorism, intimidation, torture, harassment, throwing thousands of innocent people in prison camps by branding them with unsubstantiated labels. Furthermore, thousands of Oromo peasants, artists, intellectuals and students with any political dissent have been forced into exile. Independent political and civic associations were outlawed. Only those who bowed down to the will of the regime have been spared and they are used by the government as pawns.

The Macha-Tulama Self-help and Development Association are among many independent Oromo civic associations that have been surviving under the continuous attack by the brutal state machinery of Meles Zenawi. Sadly, the international community had been watching silently while the Ethiopian regime raided the Macha-Tulama office in Finfinnee (Addis Ababa) and confiscated its property and thrown the leaders into jail in 2004. Continuing its crimes against Oromo leaders, recently in September 2011, the Ethiopian dictatorial regime repeated with impunity the same fiasco once again. Regrettably, the international community has not raised its voice against this heinous crime against humanity.

The Macha-Tulama high officials Mr. Laggese Deti Dhaba, Mr. Mulugeta Riqitu and Sisay Sarbesa are all held incommunicado at the Maikelawi Torture Center in Finfinnee as of today. Mr. Dhaba was the Secretary General of Macha-Tulama Self-help Association for the year 2002- 2003. Mr. Dhaba has also served as the Chairman of History and Culture Committee of the association. He is a cultural expert of Oromo society, and hence imprisoning and attacking him is tantamount to destroying Oromo cultural resources and foundations. Similarly, his colleagues who have been imprisoned with him have deep interests in promoting Oromo history and culture. They are Mr. Mulugeta Rikitu, School Director and Board Member of MTA; and Mr. Sisay Serbesa, 3rd Year Student at Addis Ababa University.

These Oromo notables were detained on August 24 on their way home returning from a celebration of Gubaa Ceremony, one of the oldest Oromo original holidays celebrated in connection with the beginning of the New Year in early September. They are mainly targeted for showing respect and interest in Oromo cultural festivals and for showing mental independence in Oromo cultural renaissance. There is a serious concern as to the safety and well-being of these detainees. The Ethiopian regime has well documented history of using torture on detainees and extrajudicial execution in cold blood. The Macha-Tulama Cooperative and Development Association, USA, Inc. appeals to the US government, European governments, human rights groups, the UN, political leaders and the international community to urge the Ethiopian regime to release Mr. Legesse Deti Dhaba, Mr. Mulugeta Rikitu and Mr. Sisay Serbesa immediately and unconditionally, and to stop its ongoing war of intimidation and terror on the Oromo people.


Board of Directors

Macha -Tulama Association, USA, INC.

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  1. Anonymous9:32 PM

    The barbaric acts taken by Woyane and any oromo enemy will never stop us(oromos) from promoting our culture. It will even force us to redouble our effort. Oromos from raya to orma (Kenya) must join hand in hand to remove Absinian yoke from oromos.


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