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Monday, March 01, 2010


Date: 29th Feb,2010

Nairobi, Kenya

Subject: Peaceful dimonstration regarding the current insecurity problems of oromo refugee community by the Ethiopian secret agents.

We members of oromo refugee community here in Kenya,to day have being dimonstrating peacefuly the recent secret mission or plots of Ethiopian government aganst oromo refugee community here in their asylum country.

The main objective of this peaceful dimonstration being condomning the the secret plot of the current regime of Ethiopia as it is being the state tererist act and genocidal act aganst the oromo refugee community here in kenya and to call up on all international organization and Governments of all concerned country to protecte oromo refugee community from the current insecurity problem and put nasassary presure up on Ethiopian government, with especial impisize on the following major points:

1.We recall up on our previous application and plea regarding the current potential insecurity danger on our oromo refugee community here inside Kenya and woud like to impisize that our fear being transfered to implimantation stage,which can be easly realized from the recent captives of Ethiopian secret agents and thier recent activities of threatning innocent members of our community.

2. We condomn all the state tererist act and genocidal act of the Ethiopian government inside and out side the country on oromo people ingeneral and specificaly on oromo refugee inside thier asylum country like Kenya.

3. We call up on the Kenyan government and all other concerned international organizations to bring to Jestice the recent captive who are the secret agents of the Ethiopian government including the remaining 24 members of this group who have recently smageled in to Kenya illegaly to under take above mentiond state tererist and genocidal activities such as abdaction, killing and missed members of oromo community since 1992 up to now.

4.we call up on all concerned government and international organization to condomn this genocidal and state tererist act of Ethiopian government up on oromo people in general and specificaly on oromo refugee community inside their asylum country mainly in side Kenya , put nacassary pressures on the current regime and protecte the oromo refugee community in kenya, before things go out of hand or before it reached irriversable stages.In addition to facilitating to bring to jestice those secret agents of the wayane regime who was captured by kenyan government including the remaing members this group which are hide themselfes inside Nairobi.

Finally we request all concerned bodies to give due attention for our previous and recent plea, thereby protect our refugee community from the recent threat of the Ethiopian government secret agents functioning in side this host country. And hereby we attached documents of our previous plea as a referance.

With Best Regard

Feb, 29th, 2010

Oromo refugee community

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