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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Ethiopian rebels play down defections

January 20 (Daily Nation) - A recent defection of 80 Oromo Liberation Front (OLF) fighters to Ethiopian authorities in Northern Kenya will not affect the struggle, OLF says from Asmara.

OLF issued a statement from Eritrean capital Asmara today saying the recent surrender of its 80 fighter forces in northern Kenya was a conspiracy between Ethiopian intelligence and OLF traitors dismissed from the group a year ago.

Those who surrendered to Ethiopian regime are traitors, who had contact with the regime’s intelligence network and had, for a long time, been sources of problems in the area, OLF added.

OLF said, traitors shall not determine the Future of the Oromo Liberation Front or the Destiny of the Oromo Nation. OLF expressed its disappointment on the report on January 14, 2010 on the issue from the ground.

“It’s misleading and unbalanced” the rebel group said.  OLF is fighting with Ethiopian governments since 1970s for independence and autonomy mainly based in northern Kenya and Eastern Ethiopia regions.

Now days OLF senior officials based in Ethiopia’s arch foe Eritrea

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