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Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Statement of OLF Executive Committee on Unconstitutional Activities and Conspiracies Against the OLF

The Executive Committee (EC) of the OLF conducted an emergency meeting to deliberate on the current internal anarchic and anti organizational activities and passed the following decision.
It has been observed that a clique has clandestinely been conducting destructive activities within the organization for a while. This includes agitations targeting the legitimate leadership of the organization in contradiction to the latest resolutions of the National Council that met last March, 2008. The effort of the leadership to handle this matter wisely and patiently has been disregarded. Now that this clique has gone public in its campaign against the organization by:

1. Conducting illegal public meetings in Nairobi, and Minnesota USA, to that effect;
2. Publicly declaring their split from the organization on electronic media and
3. Declaring, on public radio, that they have substituted the legally elected leadership of the
Organization by their own men;
4. Stated that they have, unconstitutionally, revised the political program of the organization.

The EC, as the defense council of the organization, realizing:
a) That this situation poses danger to the safety and security of the organization,
b) The need to avert the looming confusion in the organization and
c) that the members, supporters and the Oromo people at large should be informed about the possible danger facing the organization and prepare them for the necessary required actions and
d) The need to avert any possible damage to the organization and defend the constitution, rules and regulations of the organization has taken the following administrative decision.

The following core leaders of the clique:
1. Hassan Hussein
2. Leeco Baatii
3. Kamal Galchu
4. Abbaa-Nagaa Jaarraa are excluded from any responsibility or activity of the organization, as of today July 31, 2008, for their activities against the liberation struggle lead by the OLF, violating the constitution of the organization and declaring division within the organization.

These individuals can not represent the organization in any capacity nor speak on its behalf. The EC will subsequently take any necessary measure to avert possible action directed against the activities of the organization by any means.

Victory to the Oromo People.
July 31, 2003

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