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Thursday, February 14, 2008

Open Letter to UNHCR

Open Letter to UNHCR

Antonio Guterres, United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees
Case Postale 2500CH-1211
Genève 2 Dépôt Switzerland

Dear Commissioner Guterres,

I am writing you this letter to express our deep concern and dismay regarding the inhuman massacre of around 100 Oromo Refugees and wounding of more than 65 in Bosaso, breakaway region of Somalia, on February 5, 2008. The basic reason Oromos flee and take refuge in neighboring countries is protection from persecution due to their national identity and their political belief in Ethiopia. Unfortunately, this is not being so for these refugees. The harassment, suffering, persecution and ill treatment of Oromos perpetrated by the Ethiopian regime is crossing international boundaries. Oromo refugees are constantly being harassed, forcefully deported by would be host governments and murdered by assassin squads of TPLF/EPRDF government or by paid agents of Ethiopian government in Djibouti, Kenya, Somalia, Sudan, and even Yemen, where they arrive after risking their lives on the high seas where about half of those who attempt to cross perish on a regular basis.

The current regime has made its policy clear from the very beginning when it assassinated Major Jatani Ali, an Oromo refugee, a former officer in the deposed Derg regime, in Nairobi in 1991. This was followed by assassination of Mr. Adam Tukale (Mullis Abbaa Gadaa), an OLF high-ranking official in Mogadishu, in 2000. They have acquired forceful repatriation of many prominent refugees who fled to the neighboring countries, whose destinies have never been known. Last year they assassinated many Oromo former journalists in Nairobi. The current mass massacre is a culmination of this policy of physically liquidating opposition individuals wherever they go.

The universal declaration of human rights signed in 1948 and 1951, have articles that recognize the right for refugees. Any country that has signed these declarations is obliged to respect them. These neighboring countries, except those entities that were part of Somalia, are members of the United Nations, and are signatories to the universal declaration of human rights of both 1948 and 1951. When these countries are violating every letter of these declarations member countries of the UN and humanitarian organizations should not keep silent.

Dear Mr. Commissioner,
The continuation of human rights violation in Ethiopia and the generation of many refugees have been perpetrated partly because the international community had chosen to turn a blind eye. We are convinced that at this crucial moment, your leadership, and the active engagement of the International Community, could mean the difference between life and death for many Oromo Refugees as well as the troubled Horn of Africa region. We strongly believe that this horrendous and inhuman act is an augmentation of permanent policy of the Meles Zenawi regime since 1991. Several hundreds of Oromos have been killed or disappeared in neighboring countries or forced to return to Ethiopia to face injustice between 1991 and 2007.
We, therefore, appeal to the UNHCR, all UN member nations and humanitarian organizations to put necessary pressure on the governments and groups to refrain from violating the rights of refugees in their respective countries and territories under their control. We also call upon human right activists, peace and freedom -loving individuals and organizations to condemn these cowardly act and render their much needed assistance to refugees suffering without any treatment. We request urgent medical care for those wounded, since they are not getting proper treatment, provide proper burial to the dead and investigate to bring the perpetrators to justice. We specifically request the UNHCR and member nations to find a way to protect these refugees from such carnage and the unbearable death toll on the seas as they attempt to escape such fates and help those still suffering without proper medical attention. Oromos as any other peoples in the world are entitled to get refugee protection and assistance from governments and UNHCR offices.

The followings are some of the current victims on (February 5, 2008 at 2:30PM local time) massacre by two simultaneous Hand Grenade attacks in two Bosaso restaurants each owned by Oromo immigrants. There are as many wounded ones being recklessly amputated for simple treatable wounds while the others who happened not to be at the targeted places that night are being made shelter-less by burning down their houses and forcing the landlords to expel tenants lest their own houses are also burned.

1. Abdallaa Siraaj Abraahim (28) from Roobee town, Arsi Zone.
2. Adusalaam Mustafa (20) from Baroda town, Harare Zone
3. Mohamed Email Passim (18) from Machala town of Harare Zone
4. Abdujabaar Mohamed Abdo (24) from Jajuu town of Arsi Zone
5. Mohamed Said (19) from Martu Abomsa, Arsi Zone
6. Aliyyi Mohamed Aliyyii (20) from Wallo Zone
7. Abdallaa Kamala Tusee (20) from Sude, Arsi Zone
8. Ziyaad Ibraahim Hassan (30) from Galamso town of Harargee Zone
9. Abdilgafaar Abdulahi Jabran (18) from Burqaa, Walqixee Zone
10. Abdilxaaif Shubbee Mohamed (42) from Bale Zone
11. Musxafaa Saalii Abdallaa (22) from Baddano town of Harargee Zone
12. Abdullee Biluu Ahmed (19) from Shirkaa town of Arsi Zone
13. Mohamed Amiin Kadir (22) from Robe town of Arsi Zone
14. Abdulmajiid Abitii Mohamed (22) from Jajuu town of Arsi Zone
15. Daud Kadir Hussen (20) from Jaju town of Arsi Zone
16. Xaahir Husseen Abdilkariim (25) from Baale Zone
17. Umar Aadam Umar (23) from Raya town of Wallo Zone
18. Nagahuu Abdi Ali (38) from Robee town of Arsi Zone
19. Qaasim Kadir (22) from Lole town of Arsi Zone
20. Ridwaan Kadir (23) from Jaju town of Arsi Zone
21. Hassan Umar Duqaa (20) from Wallo Zone
22. Usmaail Hasso sh Aadam (47) from Machitu town of Arsi Zone
23. Abdul Fataah Sh. Abubakar (18) from Arsi Zone
24. Mohamed Hassan Alilu (20) from Wallo Zone
25. Fadluu Haajii Abdoo (20) from Arsi Zone
26. Jamaal Mohamed Ululaa (53)
27 .siraaj kadir mahamed (20) from Arsi Zone
28. Abdallaa Ahmed Maluu from Shambale Town of Wallo Zone
29. Umar Ahmed Carafaa. From Wallo Zone
30. Ahmed Mohamed Kali Wallo
31. Sulaymaan Ahmed
32. Jamaal Mohamed Saali
33. Amiin Husseen Abdulqaadir
34. Mohamed Aloo Tufaa
35. Nagayoo Abdoo Alliyyii
36. Turee Amaan Abdoo
37. Mohamed Yaasiin Ibroo
38. Ali Mohamed Bashiir
39. Amina Umar Takaa
40. Aliyyii Ahmed Musa
41. Gidanaa Muusee Daadee
42. Ahmed Bakar Birkaa
43. Obsaa Amaan Sheekoo
44. Abdoo Kaliifaa
45. Nagaash Mohamed Idris
46. Mohamed Gazaalii sh. Amaan
47. Arabuu Hussen Abdurahmaan
48. Nuuraa Abdurahmaan Sheekaa
49. MUhyadiin Kamaal Amaan
50. Mohamed Aamadee Ulumee
51. Umar Mahamud Umaree
52. Husseen Jaaraa Sulxee
53. Abama Nyalata Abit
54. Mohamed dheeree
55. Almuu Bayanaa
56. Mohamed Bile Ahmed Yuusuf
57. Wandasan Baqalaa
58. Sulaymaan Ma’alim Warsame

Qotto Gufuu

CC: H. E. Ban Ki-moon
The United Nations
New York. NY 10017


  1. Anonymous4:14 PM

    Hayyee Yaa Oromoo,
    Gochaan kuni daran nama gaddisiisa, Genocide irraa adda miti. Hagam akka Tigreen Sanyii oromoo lafa irraa dhabamsiisuuf akka hojjataa jitu mull'isa. Garuu, Diina irraa maal eegu? Hardha kana taane jennee iyyuun gatii hin qabu. UNHCR dhiistanii osoo waaqatti iyyattanii iyyuu waanti dhufu hin jiru. Sodaattuu duruu reebu, ajjeesu, kkf. Yoo onnee qabaannee fi warra kaayyoo taane hojii dhaan haa deebisnu. Adaraa keessan kana taane sana taane jettanii halkanii fi guyyaa hin bo'inaa. Raadiyoo SBO dhaanis gochaa wayyaanee nutti hin odeessinaa. Gumaa keenya qofa deebisuuf haa hojjannu, Oduu fi bo'ichi bu'aa fide hin agarre.
    Dhiigi Oromoo, dhiiga Tigree dangalaasuun deebii argata!!

  2. Anonymous6:48 PM

    Kun dhugumatti waan hedduu nama gaddisiisaa ti. Wayyaaneen daangaa dabartee Oromoota tokko tokkoon ukkaamsuu fi ajjeesuu irra tartee jumlaan akkanatti fixuun balaaleefatamu qaba. Ilmaan oromoo bakka jirtanitti waan kana dhageeysisuun dirqama seenaa tahuu qaba.


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