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Saturday, January 19, 2008

Dismissal of Oromo students from Jimma University continue unabated

The TPLF government have renewed its act of dismissing Oromo students from university despite the court have released them free because the accusers failed to substantiate their allegations. Accordingly the following 9 University students were given complete dismissal decision from Jimma University on January 18, 2007 by the atrocious security of the government.

1.Maddif Oljirra, 2. Fedhasaa Isaa, 3.Barakat Waaqee, 4.Reediwaan Sanii, 5.Tolasaa Tamesgeen, 6. Gammadaa Mokkonnin, 7. Ittanaa Waqtolaa, 8. Taddaalaa and 9. Birhaanuu

The case was serious because they were in clash with the governing part Tigray students last week as some said. The government also wants to demoralize the students because of their forefront objection to its undemocratic administration. The students were forced to leave the compound of Jimma University by the federal police force. The rest of students are calling for national protest against this blind, discriminatory and inhuman decision.


  1. Anonymous11:44 PM

    What Woyane is doing to oromo students should be stopped. We need to support there students and expose this inhuman act.

  2. Anonymous6:27 PM

    You are right. We need to be vigilant against terrorist Woyane government


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