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Saturday, May 19, 2007

EPRDF MP defects

18 May 2007 (EMF) -- Fikru Jeldessa Nikuss, former member of Benishangul Gumuz Front (BGPDUF) and an MP (EPRDF) applied asylum in The Netherlands escaping the ever growing persecutions, it was revealed today.
"The political persecutions are very severing in the regional states, if one is against the will of the ruling party." Fikru said.
"One faces torture, imprisonment and death unless he complies with the interests of the ruling elites. More than 300 political dissents including former vice president of the region, Mr. Abdul Mohamed Ibrahim, are languishing in prison. Hundreds, including president of the regional Supreme Court, Ms. Zeneba Mohammed, are also forced to exile in Sudan." he added.
Having lost almost all seats in the May 2005 general election, the regime has panicked and vowed vengeance against the people. Fikru says there has been increasing discontent among MPs, officer corps and dissent in Ethiopia. He also said the Meles Zenawi's regime became more irresponsible after the May 2005 election, complaining that the regime has appointed Mr. Al Bedri, a Sudanese citizen, as head of Education to the region. Mr. Bedri escaped to Sudan stealing Millions of birr allocated to the region. Mr. Fikru, whose responsibilities include head of auditor general in the region, was twice locked up at tatek military camp for exposing the severe corruptions of the authorities. Commenting on Ethiopia's ethnic federalism, Fikru says, Benishangul Gumuz region is not different from other local states. All key positions are controlled by the Tigrian People's Liberation Front (TPLF) in all the regions. In practice, Mr. Zeray Asgedom, who is TPLF Central Committee Members and a close ally of Meles Zenawi, is administering the region. The president of the region, Mr. Yaregal Aysheshum is simply a puppet similar to many other regional states. His representation is only symbolic and aimed to deceive the people in the region. "During my stay in house, I have become increasingly frustrated with the conduct of the TPLF-led government." Fikru said. "More than 400 people were killed as a result of ethnic clash between Benishangul Gumuz and Shinasha, which was caused by the regime as its strategy to divide and rule." He added.

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