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Saturday, April 21, 2007

Why is Ethiopia not accountable?

April 19, 2007 — It has been five years since the Eritrean-Ethiopian Border Commission (EEBC) ruled its final and binding decision, to solve the border conflict of the two neighboring countries. Unfortunately due to Ethiopia’s objection and United States involvement negatively the delineation has not yet implemented. The hope for lasting peace dashed when the minority regime in Ethiopia changed its mind to reject the ruling from its prior stand accepting the decision calling upon the world community to pressure Eritrea to adhere to the rule of law. The so-called guarantors of the Algiers peace agreement are mainly working to contravene the accord. There are countless reasons to suggest United States is behind the stand of the regime in Ethiopia.
But why is Ethiopia exempted from abiding by the rule of law?
Here are few analysis argued by the sympathizers of the Ethiopian minority regime:
· Families will be divided, a residence of individuals will be on one side and the farm will be on the other side of the country, and even single resident houses will split in to two, not to mention families.
This seems a very reasonable argument. However, Eritrea is more sensitively concerned than Ethiopia when it comes to its citizen, therefore it will not allow its own citizen suffer from what it seems Ethiopia’s concern. Nonetheless Eritrea’s insistence to stick to the rule of law is the only solution for lasting peace.
· Ethiopian government is weak to handle the consequences of public disobedience if the highly publicized town of “ Badme” is handed over to Eritrea. If that is the reasoning to their argumentative suggestion, the whole world will crumble. Lawlessness will flourish. If it is possible to deviate a law to accommodate certain part of society without taking into consideration the consequences it is suicidal mistake. Nigeria handed over oil rich Bakassi peninsula that belongs to neighboring Cameron despite reservations from some Nigerian citizens. It is Ethiopian governments duty to clarify and bring its citizens in line with the world community that the rule of law is supreme. Nothing could be done, once it is decided. It should be very clear that lands, which are still occupied by Ethiopia, cannot and will not be Ethiopian territory.
· Eritrea must stop sympathizing, training and supporting Ethiopia’s opposition movements.
Avoiding opposition movement(s) should not be an issue. It is in the hands of the regime in Ethiopia. If Ethiopia is able to accommodate its citizens with dignity, equality, respect, and provide them full and equal right in participating their right on governing themselves, there will be no military opposition that rely to military struggle. The regime in Ethiopia is well aware more than any other in the world. The TPLF struggle was a result of suppressive, and brutal administration of Ethiopia to Tigrai province and its people. Consequently, it is up to Ethiopia itself to accommodate its own people than blame neighboring country(ies).
· Ethiopia being land locked, some kind of agreement must be reached.
It is true Ethiopia is land locked nation. Ethiopia is not the sole land locked country in our world and especially in Africa. There are so many sovereign nations that are land locked, but sea access never been a case for animosity. Sea outlet is purely economic matter. It is one of the factors of nations they have to conclude a mutually agreeable accord. It should not be done under pressure of one to the other. It is to be remembered that Ethiopia have utilized both sea ports of Eritrea, after independence, with a minimal service fees that is paid in Ethiopian local currency “Birr.”
There is no legal or logic ground for Ethiopia’s refusal to comply with EEBC ruling. Sympathizing or encouraging Ethiopia’s violation of the rule of law is only accelerating the unwanted destruction of both peoples of Eritrea and Ethiopia.
If the sympathizers intention is to help Ethiopia, then let have the regime in Ethiopia swallow the bitter pills of reality. Unless the intention is to secures war and destruction for the benefit of other nations. There will be no way out but abide by the rule of LAW.
* The author is the Former Bank of Eritrea Administrator currently resides in United States of America. He can be reached at Ibrahim_Ibrahim@experienceworks.org

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