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Thursday, March 15, 2007

Ethiopia - Somalia - Somali woman says soldiers raped her

March 13, 2007 (The Washington Times UPI Wire Reports) - A Somali woman says she was raped and beaten by Ethiopian soldiers.
Suuban Maalin Ali Hassan and her husband held a news conference Tuesday at their home, Shabelle Media Network reported. She told reporters that two soldiers stopped her Saturday as she drove her donkey cart near Elirfid, northeast of Mogadishu.
They stopped me under gunpoint and forcibly held me to the ground and then everything went against my willing, she said. Her husband, Ahmed Ali Hassan, said that he took his wife to Keysaney Hospital after her return home. The doctor who examined his wife advised the couple to abstain from sex for at least six months because of the risk that she could have been infected with HIV and also advised her to stop breastfeeding her baby for the same reason.

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