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Friday, February 16, 2007

Opposition Radio says 33 killed in southern Ethiopia clashes

Feb 15, 2007 (ST) — An opposition radio said 33 tribal warriors were killed in inter-clan fighting in southern Ethiopia. It accused Addis Ababa of being behind these clashes.
The Voice of Oromo Liberation audio website reported that inter-clans clashes between Borana and Gabra clans of Oromo are instigated by the Ethiopian government.
“To prolong his stay in power, [prime minister] Meles Zenawi is pursuing a policy of instigating violence among peoples”, the radio said. It also accused Ethiopian authorities of arming one clan against the other.
The Ethiopian police had said that 19 people were killed but the radio said 33 killed and many others have been wounded.
Last week police said that the rival tribes clashed were motivated by grazing problem for livestock in the area.
The radio urged the warring parties to resolve their conflict using the traditional method of mediation.
The trouble began four years ago when Ethiopian authorities marked out a new border between the Borana and Gabra territories. Both of them depend on livestock.

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