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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

The Harassment of Oromo Intellectuals by TPLF Government Continued

The harassment of Oromo intellectuals by TPLF government has continued in Oromia. Accordingly, Mrs. Yeshi Dhibissa who is an Oromo intellectual has been arrested and jailed in Chiro town of West Hararghe zone. She was arrested last week and has been in jail for the last ten days in Chiro town.

Mrs. Yeshi used to work for West Haraghe zone agriculture office at different capacity including senior positions. Before the arrest she was employed by an NGO called Mercy Corps and serving the organization as an expert. Her children appealed for urged for the release of their mother. For that they appealed to all human right protection organizations like RED CROSS and the like. Mrs. Yeshi's children are not in position to continue their education and no body is caring for them at the moment. Friends are very much worried for the fate of the children if their mother is kept in the jail.

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Map of oromia