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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Being Refugee never limit Our Culture of Generosity!
(Oromo refugees in Nairobi byAlaltu Bilisummaan Oromo from Oromia)
“Ilmi namaa ollaa fi dugdaan lafaa ka’a!” equivalently “Human beings stand with the help of their neighbor and backbone/west!”

It was on 25-03-2006 (Saturday) that over 500 Oromo refugees living in Nairobi, Kenya held a meeting of half day at Pangani Police station hall for fund raising to help the Kenyan brothers and sisters suffering from famine in the North-Eastern part of Kenya due to prolonged drought which has been consuming cattle, camels, goats and other resources of the population.
As the result, the Oromo community representatives’ of elders, youths, women, students and others expressed their deep concern of the population of Kenyans suffering from drought; explicitly expressed their gratitude to the government of Kenya and the whole people of Kenya for their considerately assistance for all African Refugees among which Oromos are becoming of significant number since Dergue Regime fall down, 1992.

On the ceremony, the Oromo community delivered over 3000kg of food staffs and some thousands of clothes in kind and expressed their being culturally duty bound to reach those needy in their neighbor and noted “Though we, Oromos, being refugees, all are sustained by generous assistance of different bodies, and we lack such capacity of contributing significant amount, we are forced not to turn our ear deaf and our eyes blind to the sufferings of our fellow African Kenyan brothers and sisters. Our culture is a culture of generosity, the government and the people of the host country, Kenya, deserve great thanks for their unlimited patience to accommodate all African refugees especially Sudanese, Somali, Oromo and others.
God bless Kenya!
God bless Kenyans!
God bless Oromia!
God bless Oromo!”

To note Oromos value for its neighbor, it is enough to understand the following Oromo folktale paralleling neighbor to human beings west/backbone role in enabling human to stand, “Ilmi namaa ollaa fi dugdaan lafaa ka’a!” equivalently “Human beings stand with the help of their neighbor and backbone/west!”

It was warmly appreciated by the government representative who, after receiving the contribution, delivered a speech hoping good future for Oromo and hinted that the government will stand by side of Oromo community to legally license the community and considerately assist the refugees in general.

Following the speech there was inspiring Oromo Cultural songs which deeply touched the crowd and impressed the esteemed guests and finally concluded with feeling of high excitement of the multitude.

On this occasion ,I also want to point out the root cause of the problems in the Horn of Africa and pass a message concerning this generous people-Oromo-as its home land (OROMIA) is under serious looming multidimensional(especially political ) crisis.

Oromo is the largest single nation(‘tribe’) in the Horn of Africa living in Oromia(Oromo country of area over 600,000 km2 in the area known as Ethiopia on current world map) and its population is over 40Million.This incredibly sized nation is yet unable to exercise any sort of right; a little bit detailed is as follows!

Considerate Attention to the Dissenting Voice of the generous people (Oromo) and Other Oppressed Nations
“Himan diddeen du’a hin diddu; ‘One can dodge/ decline recommendation / advice but can’t decline facing the consequence ‘”
Oromo-as mentioned above, it is a nation of population over 40 million in the Horn of Africa to whom democracy was/is inalienable was deprived of its right to self-determination due to the successive yokes of repressive regimes of Ethiopia almost all sustained by westerns’ support.
Though, repressions of successors have been aggravated, Oromo nation is escalating its demand for natural, human and democratic rights stipulated in international documents ratified by the EPRDP/ TPLF regime including:
(1) Respect of basic human right for Oromos!
(2) Lasting Solution for nations’ national questions for self -determination!
(3) Stop killing, massacring, imprisoning, torturing and inhumanely treating Oromos!
(4) Immediate and unconditional release of leaders of the venerable Oromo association - Macha-Tulama self-help Association (MTA).
(5) Allow with out precondition, MTA resume its office!
(6) Immediate and unconditional release of all Oromo political prisoners and innocents allegedly imprisoned!
(7) As Oromo is not represented, EPRDP/TPLF is illegitimate regime to Oromos and other oppressed Nations!
(8) Stop Camouflaging passionate to Oromos by miscellaneous self-deceptive reforming which never solve Oromos cause!
(9) Oromos cause can only be solved by Oromo’s Venerable political party –Oromo Liberation Front(OLF) ,thus stop labeling OLF ‘anti-peace’, rather convene way to reinstate its office! For Oromos OLF is beyond concept of party as it is the sole bearer of their whole hearts feeling, identity and real cause!

These demands have been widely spread through out all Oromia and all Oromos mind of all walks of life, though that of students, teachers, farmers and youths usually becomes apparent and prominent. Though Oromo nation , mostly students , teachers , youths and farmers presented their demand peacefully using their constitutional right , the government responded with blatant brutal measures ranging from massacre of Guduru which claimed over 25 innocent civilians’ lives , brutal murder at Ambo , Jaldu, Inango, Tikur Inchini, Kore/Kofale, Gimbi, Ginchi, Kuyyu, Siraro/Arsi, Haramaya...etc to various myriads of basic human right violations (torture , disappearance, illegal imprisonment, arbitrary detention, intimidations, terror, rape etc).
To figure out, since November 9, 2005, (when the clandestinely progressing Oromo students movement was renewed and entered new phase following the call made by OLF) Over 70 (seventy) Oromos were killed, many thousands were arbitrary arrested and detained, many wounded, many abducted of which very few is reported by Human Right Watch (HRW), Amnesty International (AI), Associated Press (AP), and other considerate international organizations. To substantiate this, some of the pictures of Oromo individuals blatantly killed follows:
1. Morkata Iddosa (killed at Qallitti prison)

2. Jagama Badhane (killed at Ambo high school on Nov.9, 2006)

3. Malaku Tarrafa (killed at west wollega’ Inango)

4. Dabala Oliqa (killed on the same day to Malaku at west wollega, Inango)

5.Alamayyo Garbaa
(Oromo AAU
Student, handicap/
especially abled,
Killed at
Qallitti prison)

6. Gaddisa Hirphasa (AAU Oromo student, killed on 28,03,2006 at Karchale Prison in Addis Ababa.)

Despite popular demand and dissenting voice for respect of basic human right and basic democratic right, and government’s blatant brutal counter crack down, westerns are insisting on sponsoring the doomed regime still being unmasked from the century old prejudice created by the demagogue of Habashas, currently headed by Meles and the still born baby, power hungry remnants of the past regimes. This is made clear by the recent anxiety of the westerns especially UK and USA urging EPRDP/TPLF and those power ambitious parties in a middling approach by simple prejudge disregarding the real precursor of the current crisis- pending national question of Oromos and other oppressed nations to exercise their right to self determination esp.

It is incredibly appreciated to see Westerns suspending direct support to the regime by the scenario come fore aftermath of May 2005 election being alarmed by the secondary reflections of the underlying real problem. Understanding the prejudged misjudgment of international communities esp. UK and USA, it is paramount important for a concerned citizen to bring forth the real problem to all peace loving international communities.

Thus I, as concerned Oromo national, call all concerned to know what is on the ground:
(1) That they give considerate attention to the root causes of the current crisis in Oromia and Ethiopia; Oromo and other oppressed nations’ demand goes beyond Post May 2005 election crisis and Oromos see the election crisis as reflections of the underlying prejudiced but real problem- denial of right to self- determination of oppressed nations (Oromo, Sidama, Ogadenian, Gambella, Benshagul, Walayita and others) by creating PDOs that camouflages the respective nations representative.
(2) That Oromos and oppressed nations are determined just to exercise their natural right stipulated in Universal Declaration of Human Rights (10 December1948) which is ratified and incorporated in constitution of Meles regime.
(3) That Oromos and Other Oppressed nations are struggling for inviolable and inalienable rights that are stipulated in international covenant on civil and political rights and International covenant on Economic , Social and Cultural rights( entry into force January 3,1976) both stating on their respective part I ,article I (1) :

“All peoples have the right of self –determination. By virtue of that right they freely determine their political status, and freely pursue their economic, social and cultural development. ”

Both covenants were ratified by Meles regime and plainly stipulated on article 39 of its constitution, irrespective of which innocent citizens marching under banner demanding realization of this right are massacred , harassed tortured ,raped detained with out due process of law and persecuted in homeland and in exile by the regime’s security, military and police machineries.
(4) Unless due and considerate attention is given to Oromo national demand (self-determination), it will be only dream to advocate sustainable peace, democracy, and development in Oromia and at large in Horn of Africa.

With this platform of understanding ,I Call upon international communities, Government of UK, United states of America ,European, Union and Major donors like World Bank and others , neighboring governments and nations to immediately take unwavering measures :

(1) That pressurizes the self- opinionated Meles regime to yield for genuine and comprehensive solution for peace, stability and development ,above all respect of basic human right & rule of law and self-determination to be realized for the yearning of the oppressed nations rather than insisting on its self- appointed, self-deceptive and stubborn character.
(2) That the government immediately and unconditionally stops its wide spread massacring, killing , harassing ,torturing, terrorizing , abducting of innocent students , farmers and peoples of all walks of life demanding their inalienable rights.
(3) That the government allow Independent Human Rights commission to be established and investigate the current blatant violations of basic human right ,killings and various crimes committed by the government against its innocent citizens.
(4) That the government immediately and unconditionally releases all Oromo political prisoners, journalists and students.
(5) That the government immediately and unconditionally releases leaders of the venerable Oromo self- help association Macha-Tulama Self-help Association (MTA) and allow the MTA to resume its office.
(6) I demand genuine and considerate intervention of all concerned international communities, USA, AU ,EU ,UN and other bodies to give an end to the pending and looming instability in Oromia and at large in Horn of Africa which is decisive hurdle to sustainable peace, democracy and development in the region .
(7) I also address particular message for nations, nationalities and governments neighbor to Oromia not to negatively intervene to the justified Oromia national struggle in any aspect rather urge to stand by side of such oppressed nation in line with reputable past history of our nations.
(8) Finally , as can be learned from history oppressed nations demand for genuine right ,definitely used to be culminated in victory , though delayed and incurred varying sacrifice ,I warn the incumbent regime and all stakeholders insisting on supporting the illegitimate regime turning ear deaf to dissenting voice of the whole people as well as inform their being inescapably responsible to the coming worst crisis in the region noting it by Oromos saying:

“Himan diddeen du’a hin diddu!” which equivalently means “one can dodge/decline recommendation/advice but can’t dodge/decline facing its consequence!”

Victory to Oromo and other Oppressed nations!!
March 2006
Alaltu Bilisumma can be contacted at: alaltuu_b@yahoo.com

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