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Friday, February 24, 2006

Wayane's Latest Move

Being fearful of the Diaspora and due to the various damages sustained in the past in the sphere of deplomacy and begging business, the Cowardice undemocratic Woayne government has set up Department of Diaspora affairs within the Ministry of foreign affair.

This brand new department working at the capacity of Deputy Minister, among many things has specifically targeted the cyber text and voice discussion rooms and its functions and responsibilits include the following.

Daily monitoring and up to the minute reporting of discussions in these rooms to the PM through the Deupty and Head Minister Littering, misinforming, disturbing discussions in the forums. Bribing the room administrators and using them for woyane's propaganda. Stealing room codes and participant information such as emails and phone for intimidation and other civil crimes.

In the final note, the department has got an annual budget of Birr 40 million which is equivalent of $2.8 million and this money has been approved by the PM through emeregency budget approval procedure. Source:

Woyane Insider

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