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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Oromo rebels claim killing 11 Ethiopian soldiers

Oromo rebels claim killing 11 Ethiopian soldiers

January 22, 2006 (ADDIS ABABA) - In a military operations against Ethiopian government forces, Oromo Liberation Army (OLA) fighters operating in southeastern Oromia zone have put 11 Ethiopian soldiers out of action and captured seven AKM rifles.OLA is the armed wing of rebel Oromo Liberation Front , (OLF).On 13 January 2006, OLA fighters killed six government soldiers and wounded four others at Dhare in the district of Ginir.

They also captured seven AKM rifles in the attack, said the Opposition radio Voice of Oromo Liberation translated by the BBC MS.On 17 January 2006 OLA attacked Ethiopian forces at Dhadacha Tokicha in the district of Goro, wounding one soldier. OLA fighters evicted government soldiers from the site.A week ago OLA units operating in western Oromia repulsed Ethiopian government military offensive.In a statement OLA western zonal commander had said that over 30 enemy soldiers were killed and over 45 were wounded in that fighting.


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