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Thursday, December 15, 2005

TPLF, another word for cruelty

Alamaayyo Garbaa is a handicapped, but exceptionally gifted Addis Ababa University (AAU) student. Among his peers he was known as curious for knowledge, never bothered by his physical limitations, full of charming tributes and smiles that were so telling of his bright future.

Alamaayyo was arrested by Tigrean security officers in 2001 while attending class at AAU and jailed in Akaki, a small town just south of Finfinne (Addis Ababa), I n a large prison ground where hundreds of political prisoners are kept. Alamaayyo was tortured extensively over the last four years, and shot to death in his prison cell.

Similarly, Morkotaa Eddoosaa, also a University student, was jailed in the same prison for four years, tortured, and left to suffer without medical assistance. He died as a result of excessive bleeding.
The Oromo people have endured countless brutalities in the hands of successive Ethiopian dictators. This current cruelty of the TPLF against the Oromo people appears to be fiercely vicious than those in the past because it targets the best Oromo minds.

In the past 14 years, the Oromo people have lost more intellectuals and entrepreneurs in the hands of the TPLF forces than ever before. Many have left Oromia, and those who live in the neighbouring countries are targeted even while living in exile. This is why many observers believe that TPLF’s atrocities border with a campaign of genocide. It lives no option for Oromos but defend their people by all means necessary.

As in the past, we ask all concerned organizations and governments to impress their good offices upon the Ethiopian government to stop mass massacre, and thereby thwart what appears to be another Rwanda in the making.
Alamaayyo Grbaa / Morkotaa Eddoosaa


Oromo Liberation Front ,
External Information Division ,
Foreign Relations Department
December 15, 2005

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